Friday, December 9, 2011

An Interesting Evening

Two days ago, I started having lower back pain.  I know that back pain is normal in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and I remember having it quite a bit at the end with Gabriel, so I didn't really think anything of it, except that it was an annoyance, and really quite painful, more so than I remember with the others.  Yesterday, however, when I realized that this back pain was accompanied by contractions that came every time I got up and moved around, I started to get a bit concerned.  I mean, I am only 32 weeks, and as anxious as I am to meet the little guy, he really needs to stay in there and cook up a bit more before he makes his foray into the great big world.  

So, last night, after dinner and after the little guys went to bed, we left Elizabeth nestled on the couch with the phone at her side with the strict instructions to get in bed at 10, and Jimmy and I headed off to the hospital because I was having continuous contractions. 

Without going through all the details, I will just say that the upshot of the whole thing was that I am 'doing too much' and if the contractions don't stop when I am moving around, well, then, I'll just have to stop moving around. that possible?

I was told that although the contractions are not strong, if they continue even as light as they are (they feel like Braxton Hicks, only they don't stop) they will eventually set off full labor, and it's not time for that.

I guess if it is necessary, it is do-able, but how does one just tell everyone 'Sorry.  I'm out of commission for the next month or so.'?  (That will bring me to 37 weeks.)

And how does one live?  I mean, you know the old axiom, you don't work, you don't eat...well, I've been pretty hungry lately...

So, in my attempt to cut down on what I am doing, I stayed in bed til 8:30 this morning, (after climbing in at about 12:45) and am dutifully sitting with good posture at my desk. 

And I am hydrating.  But to hydrate, I have to get up and go upstairs to get water or whatever when I finish what I have, which can bring on contractions....

And what exactly is 'too much'?  I mean, I don't FEEL like I am doing too much.  I am living like any other mom who has a job and responsibilities.  And I certainly did a lot more when I was pregnant with Jo.  I worked as an overnight manager at a warehouse, driving the forklifts and up and down ladders for 10-12 hours a night.

Of course, she was only my second, and that was about 5 years ago.

(Does that mean I'm getting old?)

Anyway, the good thing about last night was this: 

They did a sonogram just to see how the baby was and to see if I was effaced or anything yet, and it turns out that the baby is head down now!  Great news! 

In fact, he is SOOO far down that they had to put the reader thingy practically on my leg to see the top of his head. 

So thanks for the prayers guys; they definitely worked and got him in place.

Now, just to keep him in there for a little while longer and to stop the contractions! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things 'Round Here

I have not been on here for a while because my computer was out of commission for a week at Thanksgiving, and then things seem to have been moving at break neck speed!

Elizabeth got straight A's on her report card but has confessed to being bored in most of her classes. 

So...she signed herself up for Science Olympiads and a special French program that culminates in a competition in the Spring.  Maybe that will keep her busy for a while.

Jo is going through a rough time with lots of crying and carrying on.  So much so that I sometimes wonder how we are going to make it together next year!

Gabriel is having a blast with the Christmas tree and looking at all the decorations.  But, in pure toddler style, he was looking at a Santa on the tree this morning and turned it around and announced 'Ewww...poopoo!'  Ah, yes, the potty training days are still upon us.  Although he uses the potty and knows exactly what it's for, he is not consistent, so we are still washing diapers.  I was hoping to get one out before the next one goes into the diapers, but i don't think it's going to happen.

Jimmy is working hard to catch up on everything that he needs to know about the business for when I leave, which is coming soon!  At the end of this month, we have inventory, and then I only have about a month left!

I am getting steadily bigger, but still feeling well.  The doc has said that the baby is in breech position, which if he stays that way means a C-section, but I am keeping positive thinking about how there are still about 10 weeks left for the little guy to change his mind and turn around.

My Pampered Chef business is also growing steadily.  Thank you to all of you who have supported me in this!  It is a crazy time what with working full time during the day and then working shows and festivals on the weekends in addition to keeping up with the kids and their schedules! 

Jimmy and I have also been researching homeschool curriculum and just how to go about making everything work out.  I am not so worried about Jo as I am about Elizabeth getting the right stuff so she can continue at the rate that she needs to.

Speaking of which, I told my mom and sister that we were going to homeschool Elizabeth next year.  It didn't go over quite as badly as I thought it would, although I am pretty sure that I can't really expect any support from either of them. 

But in the good news, my mom has invited Jo to go the harbor to see the ice display there.  That's a first.  I guess Jo is getting to be of the 'acceptable age' now.  I just hope she can hold herself together and behave or it may be another 3 or so years before they want to do anything else with her!

I need to post pictures of our tree!  It is up and has our mangy assortment of ornaments on it.  Think Charlie Brown's Christmas tree BEFORE the other kids decorated it!  But it's ours and we love it!