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Recently, Elizabeth has been in this kick where she is reading a whole bunch of books about angels.  Basically, if a book has an angel on the front cover, she checks it out and tries it.  I, however, am not into that at all, so for now, or book selection has diverged.

Before the angel kick, though, I was reading a lot of the books that she was reading, but most of them were books about the future.  You know, when the world ends and it's everyone for themselves or whatever.  That was fine for a while, but when I was at the library the last time, I grabbed this one off the shelf, and it felt so refreshing to open the cover.  I felt like I was sinking into a cool lake of perfectly blue water.

Ok, I'm weird, but reading can do that to me.  I hadn't realized how much I really missed reading books like these til I had been out of them for a while and am now back into one.

I can't say I've read much.  It's has a lot of description and a lot of historical facts, which is part of what I love, but I'm hooked!

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga

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  1. Has she read "Thank You Angels" by Doreen Virtue? It is a great read for kids and both my girls (ages 9 & 12) love it. When my 9 year old is particularly nervous about something, she reads it even more often.