Wednesday, August 22, 2012

She's not really leaving, but...

She's not really leaving us, thank goodness, but she is leaving her position in the children's ministry at the church, and we will sorely miss her. 

But we know that God has plans for her that are great and good, so we can only wish her well on her new endeavors.

And it is much easier to do that since we know that she's not really leaving us, just changing things up a bit.

In honor of all the years that she has been working with our itty bitties, there will be a potluck at church tonight. 

Elizabeth has decided to make a few things to take with us.  Although I am not allowed to tell what they are since the time has not yet come, I am allowed to share pictures of the bits and pieces of the unfinished products and then you can try to guess what it is that she is making.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that our honored guest has dietary restrictions, so we have never cooked like this before. 

But it's going to taste great!

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