Monday, December 3, 2012

For the Sake of Writing

I have not written on here for a while.  I often end up doing that...I think of all the things that I want to write, but then I want to put a picture with them that I don't have yet, or when I actually have time to sit and write, my thought seems trite and not worth spilling out here, so I do nothing and I leave this page blank.

But then so much time passes and the whiteness of this screen haunts me like a ghost and calls me back to its pure perfection and begs me to mar it with these keystrokes.

So here I am.

Today was a wonderful day.  I love days like today.  I love it when the day washes over me in all its bumpy, jumpy, sticky-fingered way.

Jesse is cutting more teeth, so he was up a lot last night, and so I was bleary-eyed tired this morning.  I took Jimmy to work and I didn't take anyone else with me because there were no car seats in the car because we had just picked up a bed for Jo yesterday and hadn't installed the seats again.  (Yay!  Beds!  What fun!  I'll post pics when we get the other bed and get it set up, too.  Jo was too funny last night, her first night in her 'new' bed.  She looked so little there in this bed even though it is just a twin bed.  She and Elizabeth have been sleeping on the floor for the last few month.  Jo's comment before dozing off was, 'But Mom, this bed just feels to high or something!')  But anyway, after taking Jimmy to work, I cruised on back home and Elizabeth and I started in the rhythm of the day...dress the kids, do the laundry, pick up the living room, wash the morning dishes...

Elizabeth had a class this morning at the library and she had to babysit this afternoon.  But when I sent the kids outside to get them ready to take with me to drop Elizabeth off at her class, I realized that these last weeks have been really hard.  We have just been pushing and pushing between school and my bookfairs and Pampered Chef's just been a constant run.

So I decided to not take Elizabeth to her class and we went to Huntley Meadows and saw the beaver lodge and beaver dams instead.  And we spotted some turtles, some cool scat and some really neat prints.  The geese were there floating in the beaver pond and flashing us their white underbellies as they dove for food under the water.  We took the double stroller, so Jesse rode and Jo and Gabriel took turns riding and running along.

The birds were singing and the sun was out and the sweaters came off and the conversation flowed.

And I remembered again why it was that we decided to homeschool.  I was there with all 4 of my kids.  Not just the little ones, not checking the clock to meet a bus, but just there, enjoying all that God has to offer in his wonderful creation and just soaking it all in and watching in wonder as the kids all discovered anew God's handiwork.

Then it was home for lunch and naps and then Elizabeth went to babysit and the baby woke prematurely from his nap, so I snuggled him back to sleep and just sat there with him in my arms as he slept off the rough night that he had had last night and as he dreamed of beaver teeth while his little teeth struggled to push through his sore little gums.

Before I knew it, it was time to pick Jimmy up from work and the day wound down to it's snuggly long-sleeved pajama end.

And I realized that there are different kinds of fulfillment.

Last week, I worked very hard and each day was full of getting things done, of working hard and feeling good with my accomplishments at the end of the day.

But there was a sort of disconnect.  Dinner was a random affair, and Jesse and the kids were clingy and winy because I was out for most of the day almost every day.

Today, however, I got basically nothing 'done', but I felt connected with the kids and connected to myself.  Even though I don't have that sense of 'get 'er done', which I love, I have a sense of a day well spent with people with whom it is well worth spending.  

Before it was all over, though, Team 3 took Team 2 to Target.

But that's another post, so I guess I'll have to keep on writing!

: )

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