Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How Old is Hazel Grace?

There's a joke that I get a kick out of that Tim Hawkins often does in his productions.  He is one of my favorite comedians, and he homeschools his kids, so he often sticks that somewhere in his shows.  The one I really like is when he says that someone asks him what grade his kid is in and he has to say 'I don't know'.

It goes something like this:

I don't know.  How old are you, son?  9?  Then 9th Grade?
I don't know.  He speaks Greek but still eats bugs.  What grade is that?

Jimmy found the link for me after I published this.

I kind of feel that way about Hazel Grace.

Today marks 132 days in the NICU, which would mean that she is about 4.5 months old.

BUT...she was due only a few weeks ago, so that means that she has an 'adjusted age' of about 2 weeks old.

BUT...she's neither a 2 week old baby, nor is she is 4.5 month old baby.

So what is she, exactly?

I'll tell you what she is:

She's a beautiful, rosy baby who started at 1 pound, 7 ounces and now weighs almost 8 pounds.  She eats 60cc's of fortified breast milk every 3 hours, and she sleeps a lot.  But she's got huge, beautiful eyes that open wide to focus on and track everything around her when she's awake.  She has opinions and doesn't like a wet or dirty diaper.  At all.  She has great head control, and she's starting to smile and I even heard a little coo out of her today!  She's the littlest sister of her 4 big siblings, and she's eagerly awaited at home.  She can't breathe on her own yet, but she's getting the hang of nursing, and she's the apple of her whole family's eye.  She's stuck at the NICU, but she's got a spot in just about everyone's heart...

so what does that make her?


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