Sunday, August 21, 2011


I am almost back in the land of the blogging.  I know that this has been a really long silence, but our project is almost done and I feel somewhat human again after having yesterday (Saturday) off and knowing that I had today off, too.  Jimmy and I have not had a weekend in almost a month!

Jimmy is sick, though, so he may get another forced day of tomorrow.

I have not taken any pictures of what we have been up to...I keep forgetting my camera!  But some of the others on our team have taken pics and I will try to post at least a few of them here.  The sheer size of the project will knock your socks off!

Anyway, I am off to tuck myself into bed to get ready for these last 2 marathon days, with a hope for getting some days off to go and visit my family in GA at the end of this week and into the next! 

I'll keep you posted and don't loose hope!  I will be back!


  1. Wondered where you'd been. Sounds interesting!! Hope you are well!! :)

  2. And meanwhile: