Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Grow

Today is Friday, which means I'm linking up to Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday.

The rules?  Write for 5 minutes without stopping to correct or edit.

Today's topic?  GROW!

Ready?  Set?  GROW!

It starts with a cry and waving fist, uncontrolled and unsure.  Angry or hungry or tired or wet and the fist opens and grabs a finger, unknowingly clamping around something that's just its size.

Then there are the damp finger prints left on pants right around your knees where they run to hug your legs.

But in not too long, there is the pat on your belly and the hug right around your waist with hands clasped behind your back determined not to let go.

Then you bend so that they can hug your neck and you can bury your face in their hair that smells of outside and sweat and play.

But before you know it, there you are...looking eye to eye and putting your arm around their shoulders without having to stoop.

And you did this happen?  Where did the time go?  How long ago was it really that you cradled your bulging belly in your arms awaiting their arrival?

But you look into their eyes and see wisdom and strength and you know that even as you miss their little hands and sticky fingers, you have done your job and they have done theirs...

Because in the end, they all must



Come join us!

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  1. Beautiful and straight to the point! Cherish every moment because they do grow so fast! :-)