Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Unexpected

Today is Friday and *gasp* I am here to participate in Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday!

The rules?  Write for 5 minutes without stopping to edit or correct.

Today's topic?  Unexpected

Ready?  Set?  GO!

It really wasn't unexpected.  I mean, I KNEW it would happen even though I don't think that Jimmy really believed me.  I TOLD him it would happen, but I don't think that he thought that I really knew. 

But it did...

and here I am, 6.5 months later with a baby due in February.  A baby boy, none-the-less.

(I TOLD him...not the boy part but the baby part...he didn't believe me.  Maybe he will now...)

Anyway, like I said, THAT part, at least for me, was not unexpected.

What WAS unexpected was the rolling snowball of events that began happening and decisions that were made AFTER it happened.  As in, after Jimmy actually believe that I knew what I was talking about and realized that yes, honey, we ARE going to have another child.   Yes, honey this WILL be # 4, and yes, honey, I TOLD you...

The first decision that was made was that I would stop working at my present company after the baby is born.  That is a first for me because I have worked basically full time since I was 14 and a lot of babysitting and housecleaning before that and not stopped...ever...for anything...ever...never.  It will be hard and interesting to see how I 'handle' it.

Then the next decision was that I would bump up my Pampered Chef business because I really like it, and we will need SOME kind of extra income.  So that means that I am pretty busy most evenings and weekends, and days and nights and afternoons and well, you get the point...because I am still working full time with the other 3 kids to chase after all the while trying to build a business up from the ground...or perhaps you could even call it a hole since I had a pretty good start last year but totally let everyone slide away after my brother-in-law passed away and Jimmy and I had to tend to that and be sure that his mother could go to El Salvador to be with her family there.

THEN...we decided that since we are not happy with the public school where Jo will  be going next year for kindergarten, we will keep her home and home school her there since I will be home anyway...which is an idea Jimmy and I had been toying with anyway.

THEN...Elizabeth was having some issues in school (granted, this was while everyone was super stressed becauase my mother-in-law was in the hospital so Liz had to come home every day right after school to watch the kids while my father-in-law went to the hospital and then she get dinner ready and then she had homework and soccer and choir and everything else that a teenager can get involved with.)  So, we started discussing home schooling with her and she seemed to take to it a little and so Jimmy and Liz and I started investigating and praying about it and now we are pretty sure that it is the route we are going take. mother-and-father-in-law realized that if I am at home that they would not be 'needed' (are you kidding me!?!??!) so they have decided that they may leave to go back to El Salvador...NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  So, she and I, well and Jimmy, too, are trying to figure out how they can stay with us at least for a while longer while making enough money since we won't be able to pay them for childcare anymore since I won't be 'working'.

So, the snowball gets bigger and bigger...

all be cause of the 'unexpected' tiny little unborn baby. I think that was more than 5 minutes.  I mean I was typing fast, but...

anyway, that's what I have to say about THAT little word!

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  1. Hi! Just stopping over from Five Minute Friday... wow you can type so much faster in 5 minutes than me :-P
    I love your take on "unexpected"! I agree... all those things would be unexpected!!

  2. Love it! Unexpected and expected all at the same time. Thanks for posting today!!

  3. well that is a lot to process for sure.
    sounds like you have an entire elephant to consume... and the only way to do that is one bite at a time.
    you seem the type who can handle it.
    don't let the homeschooling thing overwhelm you ...everyone makes it out to be so much harder then it really is.

  4. baby steps....
    and wow....what will this all look like in retrospect a year from now??

  5. awwww....congratulations on your new little one. I have a feeling this little blessing is going to keep on bringing new unexpected, but amazingly beautiful, blessings into your life. It will be a snowball of blessings above and beyond what you could ever hope or imagine! God is like that, you know! :)

    Praising God for His presence through it all....

    Loved my time here! Thanks for visiting my blog today and for leaving such sweet words behind.