Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Matched Set

Now that Jimmy has hit the big 3-0, one would think that he may be old enough now.  No one's asked yet since his birthday, so we'll see.

But this is what we always get:

A stranger sees Jesse:
Oh, what a cute baby!  Is he your first?

No, he's our fourth. 

Really?  You look too young to have 4 kids!

I mean, I guess it's a compliment, but how do you respond to that?  Say thanks?  Thanks for what?  For saying that I look like someone who had kids while still in highschool?  Is that a good thing? 

Or we get:

Oh, how nice!  Two boys, two girls!  A matching set! 

Ummm....they're not sweaters....


Wow!  You started young!

Really?  Did you really just say that?

So my question is:
Who's business is it how many children a couple has and when they decide to have them?  I mean, really.  Especially strangers!  When Gabriel was born, after two girls, we heard so many times: 

Great!  Now you've got your boy!  Now you can be done!

As if getting the token boy is what we were after all this time. 

Or, someone would tell Jimmy:
Well, I bet NOW you're happy!  You've got your boy!

Yeah, you got us there!  Those girls just weren't quite doing it for us.  Sure are glad we got us a boy!

After Gabriel was born, I was even asked by someone when I was going to 'take myself in and get fixed'. 

I was a little bit at a loss for words after that one. 

I know that large families are not the norm in the US anymore, especially here in the metropolitan area where we live.  In fact, sometimes I feel like some people try to make us feel guilty about having 'so many' kids, and everyone is always shocked when I say that we very well may have another kid to add to the pile.

Anyway, since apparently it's deemed socially acceptable for people to get into others people's business all in the name of 'curiosity' or 'giving good advice', I think that I'm going to head down to the local Krispy Kreme and sit there and ask people,

Wow!  You're really going to eat that donut?  Yeah, it looks like you've been eating donuts for a while now.  You must have started young.  When are you going to take yourself to the gym and get that little 'issue' you have there fixed?

Oh, but I'd better not.

That'd be rude.

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  1. the Krispy Kreme idea.
    The comment I always get is, "O-o-o-oh...aren't you going to try for a girl?"