Friday, October 26, 2012

A Yearly Tradition

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch.  For some reason, I just love the pumpkin patch.  Maybe because it's our last big hurrah into the great outdoors before the winter comes.  Or maybe it's the kettle corn.  I don't know, but for some reason, I just love the pumpkin patch.

We have been going to Cox Farms in Centreville for...well, forever.  We usually try to get there on the first day it opens because they have a huge discount (3 kids free with a paying adult) that makes it cost effective, but for some reason, this year we missed it.

But, since we are homeschooling this year, we can go during the week and get the week day discounts, so that's what we did.  Yay!

Jo was super excited, but Gabriel couldn't really remember what a pumpkin patch was since he was only 18 months old last year when we went.  So when we got there, he was all excited and happy to just be at the fun little things that they had in the entrance and was upset to leave them to go in to the bigger and better stuff inside because he just didn't know what was in store for him.

Jimmy's humor....

In fact, when we first got there, we ate in the car, which got everyone all excited because we usually do not allow food in the car, so that made it already be a special occasion.

But then we actually went into the park and had a blast!

There were slides, a hay ride, goats to pet, pigs to see, cows to moo at, and ropes to swing was so much fun!

I will let the pictures do the talking...

Kettle Corn!

Gabriel just didn't really get the point of these things...

Elizabeth cruisin' in her new car

We had barely left the parking lot when he was out!

Anyway, we had lots of fun and now Gabriel can't stop talking about it!  I'll bet he remembers for next year!

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  1. It looks like a lot of fun was had by all.
    I think we have been there before too.