Friday, October 5, 2012

Post 2 of 31 minus 3

So, in the spirit of writing just to get some words down every day, and since it is quite late tonight, I will just put a highlight of my day here:

Jimmy took a few hours off work today to go with me when I took Jo to the doctor again.  Jimmy has requested that I not share details at this point, so suffice it to say that there is something going on with Jo and the doctors have no idea what it is.  We are hoping to have some answers next week after some lab work comes back, but then that's what we said LAST week, too.  If you're of the praying sort, please keep her and us in your prayers.

Anyway, that was pretty uneventful until we had to get her blood drawn...for the second time in 8 days.  She pretty much cried and yelled the whole way there, and the whole time she was being prepped, but then she was laughing, yes, laughing when they were actually drawing the blood.  She was telling the nurses that her heart was very strong and beat very well and that was why she had a good pulse to push all that blood into those little tubes.  I personally find drawing blood to be fascinating, and I shared that fascination with her the previous time, so this time she actually had the guts to watch it, and was equally as fascinated, I think.  Not that she (or I!) enjoy it, but it is pretty interesting, I think.

And, of course, the day would not be done without a Gabriel story....

There is a little lever that is not to be touched in the door mechanism on the Suburban.  Gabriel KNOWS that this lever is not to be touched because he has touched it many times before and has been told that he is not to touch it. you can guess, he touched it again.

In touching the lever, he pushes it over in such a way that you can not close the door.  It will just bank against the frame but the catch will not catch on the peg to hold the door closed.

I REALLY want him to stop flipping this lever and so in an attempt for him to see the severity of his actions, I told him that now the car is broken and we can't drive because the door won't close.

He looks at me and says, 'But Mom, you can fix it!'

So I told him, 'No, Gabriel.  You broke it after I told you not to touch it.  YOU fix it!"

He comes back and pulls the door open so he can see the offending lever.  He studies it and pokes it with his finger.  Then he looks at me and says,

'Well, Mom, I'm gonna need a screwdriver to fix this thing.'

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