Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day!

Jimmy only had to work a half day last Monday, Memorial Day, so we got to have a little fun after he came home.  

First, we grilled some dinner, then we got the fire going in the fire bowl and while that was getting to perfection for roasting marshmallows, we played some Uno.  It's a great game because it's pretty much a game of chance that we can all play as long as someone helps Gabriel with his cards a little.  

Then, we got down to the serious business of roasting the marshmallows.

Then, we managed to get marshmallow in our hair....

And, of course, all over our mouth!

But showers afterwards removed most of the stickiness (can you ever really get all the stickiness off a 3 year old boy?) and it was declared a fun evening by all!

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