Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Imagine

Imagine for once that you could stop the clock.  Just make it stop ticking so that you could sit down for a minute.  But is that what you would really do?  Would you really sit?  Would you really fold that laundry or clean that house or catch up on those e-mails?

I sometimes think that I would, but then, I realize that the reality is that I would do none of those things.

I would sit with my husband and love on my kids because the clock will have stopped to give me the time to do just that.

I would look at them...really look because I would know that when the clock started ticking again, they would be off and running again and off and growing up again.

The diapers would wait.  They would still be exactly the same after the clock started up again, but they wouldn't.

These precious little time bombs.  Exploding all over the house dumping the contents of closets and refusing the eat their dinner and snuggling for just one more story that we've read I think a thousand times.

Sometimes I can just imagine it.

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