Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Tree

I want to finish the story of the trip to my brother's house, but I really have to diverge and put this up instead.

I mentioned before that Gabriel's Native American name is Little Acorn, and it still fits him well, although it seems that as his hair grows, he turns from and acorn into more of a squirrel.  So, I call him Mommy's Little Squirrel and tell him he is the cutest squirrel ever.  Sometimes, he tells me that no, he is not a squirrel, but rather a little boy, but sometimes he says, Look, Mom!  I'm your squirrel!

I don't's just something about the hair and the shape of the face and the fact that he climbs everything in sight that just reminds me of a squirrel.  A super cute one, but a squirrel, none-the-less.

Anyway, in MOPS on Tuesday morning, the teachers had the kids make pictures of their family by cutting people out of magazines that the kids thought represented their family.

This is what Gabriel came up with:



Yep...that's Gabriel...the fuzzy one in the top right corner of the back side of his picture.  He couldn't remember who was who for the rest of the pictures, but he was quick to point out the picture of himself that he glued on there.

Heehee...that's my boy squirrel!

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