Friday, January 3, 2014

The Kindest Cut

When I was pregnant with Hazel Grace, I wanted to get my hair cut.  I had wanted to go the the salon in Springfield called The Kindest Cut so that I could donate my hair and get a free cut to boot.

But then I was sick with Hazel and it never happened.

So when I realized that Hazel was going to come home imminently and that I still had long, unmanageable hair, I knew that if I didn't go and get my hair cut before she came home, I would not have the opportunity to do it for who knows how long.

Then I realized that both Elizabeth and Jo had incredibly long hair as well, and so all three of us decided to go and get our hair cut and donated to Locks of Love, which is a foundation that makes wigs for children with illnesses that cause them to lose their hair.

Jo was very excited to cut and donate her hair since she was familiar with Children's Hospital in DC since that's where Hazel was, and she had seen some of the sick children in the halls when we had gone to visit Hazel.  She was happy to be able to do something tangible for the kids.

This is what Jo started with:

 Then it was braided,  





and oh, my!
It turned out a bit curlier than we expected, but she loves it, and it's pretty much out of her face, so I'm not complaining!

This is what Elizabeth and I started out with:

and we got the same treatment as Jo

These are Elizabeth's braids

and her final 'do'

and these are my braids
and my final look!


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