Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elizabeth's Schedule

I've just got to brag on Elizabeth a little here and give her some time in the limelight.  The little dudes are just so durn cute that they seem to always get the spotlight, so now it's Liz's turn.  Hope you don't mind a little bragging...

This is Elizabeth's schedule of classes this year:

1.  English 8 Advanced Academics

2.  Health and PE 8

3.  French 1 (Mais oui, c'est français qu'elle va être à étudier!)

4.  Investigating Matter and Energy (Science) Advanced Academics

5.  Advanced Band (Tuba.  They asked her to play the tuba again this year and offered tutoring with a professional tuba player.  She will also be available on the baritone, which she will practice at home.)

6.  Civics 8 Advanced Academics

7.  Geometry Honors (a 10th grade class that will count for highschool)

Need I say more?  Sometimes I feel like I don't say enough about our oldest, but I am truly proud of her!  Way to go, Elizabeth!

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