Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Think it Needs a Name

This past weekend was a busy weekend.  After some time of trying to deal with two eating babies and only one high chair, I decided to cave and get another chair.  It's just too hard to try to feed one while holding him on your lap while feeding the other while he's sitting in the chair.  Or, if I feed one first, then I have to completely clean the whole chair before I can/want to stick the other one in, and sometimes, as you may know, a hungry little one will not allow you the luxury of that kind of time!

So, here we are!

I found one on craigslist, but it was all the way in Rockville, and it was only $10 less than a new one from Target, so we went with a new one instead.

We just have to be sure that the chairs are not close enough for one to swipe the food of the other!  (I'll let you figure who looks like the most likely swiper...and let me tell you, neither one is as innocent as he looks!) Funny that it's basically the exact same seat, only purchased five and a half years later than the first one!

But this, oh this was my biggest score of the weekend!

The Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Tandem Triple Stroller!

I got this off craigslist, and I was so excited to get it!

I have a double stroller that is a side-by-side jogger, but it's just too wide to fit through doors and basically anywhere except for walks around a neighborhood or park on a sidewalk or wide path.  It's a perfect stroller that is super easy to use and very lightweight, but it's just too wide for what we need when we go places like the library or museum.

So, I was looking for a front to back double, but then I realized that a double would only hold Jesse and Baby B, and we often go for long walks around the lake or at Huntley Meadows, and Gabriel just can't keep up with the pace that I like to set.  As energetic as he is, he is NOT a quick walker!  He likes to creep along and look at everything and preferably poke it with a stick, if there's one handy which is great for exploration purposes, but really annoying for everything else!

I realized that what I really needed was a triple stroller, but I wasn't too keen on getting one that had 3 seats with trays in front of them because Gabriel likes to get in and out of the stroller as we cruise (usually to poke something with a stick), and that would just be a pain to lift him in and out of a seat all the time.

But when I typed in 'triple stroller' in craigslist, this Joovy is what came up.  I did some research and decided that this would be a good option for us.

It is very big (55" from front to back!), but it does exactly what we need it to!

We took it out on the road for the first time today.  We went to Walmart to get some milk (sometimes I wish we could just have a cow!  We drink so much milk!!!) and a birthday present for someone who will remain un-named here (even though she is so far behind in reading this that by the time she actually reads this she will be turning 20, not 15).

 Jo was mad because she didn't get to ride on it, (as pictured above) but she is really a bit big for it.  She is so tall that her head sticks way up if she standing on the platform and it doesn't fit under the sun shade if she is sitting down.  But I did take the strap off the jogger and put it on the handle of this one so she has a strap to hold on to for crossing streets.  The strap is supposed to be to put around your wrist so the stroller doesn't get away from you when you jog, but seeing as I don't jog, that's not likely to happen, so we have figured out another mode of employment for it.  I think that I will fashion another one from some sort of strap so that I can have one on both strollers instead of having to remember to switch it back and forth.

Anyway, this thing is a beast!  It is beautiful!  It rolls well, handles as well as you can expect a stroller of this size to handle and folds down actually pretty small.  It was super hard to push on the way back, though, since we had filled the bottom with groceries, too.  It seems like it would be nice to have a longer bar in the back for more leverage to steer it.  Maybe some sort of handles that stick out the sides that you can fold down when you don't need them, or some sort of contraption to steer the front wheels from the back.  (Elizabeth and I toyed with the notion that all the tires should swivel like the carts at Ikea, but we quickly discarded that idea when we saw how quickly it would lose control and roll out into traffic when you strolled over a slanted driveway apron.)

So, I feel that a beauty such as this designed for long voyages deserves a name.

Any suggestions?


  1. What else?... A "watelz" could be fine too...