Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Small

(Ok, so somehow I thought that this week's word was 'small' but it's not.  It's 'ordinary'.  But since I've already written for my 5 minutes, you get what I wrote, which is 'small', but never 'ordinary'!)

I was always been the smallest in my family growing up.  My dad is 6 feet tall, my mom 5'6", my sister 6'1" and my brother 6'3".  I was a mere 5'5".  (Now I'm 5'6" like my mom.  I grew a bit with each kid.  I used to figure how many kids I would have to have in order to reach my sister's height, but Jimmy wasn't going for it, so i gave up.)  I was (am) also the only one of us 3 kids who doesn't have red hair.  So, with my brother and my sister being very tall, older than me and having flaming red hair, you can see how I would end up being labelled as 'so and so's little sister'.  I used to want to scream 'I HAVE A NAME, YOU KNOW!!!!'

Anyway, I assume that happens with many younger siblings, but I felt it even more because I was just so darn short!

I used to equate height with both beauty and power because, well, my siblings were very 'beautiful' with their red hair, and, being older than me, they were also very powerful.

I remember that when I felt my best, I felt tall.  When I felt my worst, I felt small and shrimpy.

I am neither short nor shrimpy, but sometimes I still feel that way.

But the interesting thing is that not too long ago, maybe 5 years or so ago, my sister told me that while I was envious of her height, she was envious of my 'petite' size because I could go into any store and find any clothes or shoes to fit me whereas she could not.  She told me that she used to get upset to see how 'cute' I looked in any outfit because everything fit me well when she could not even find jeans that didn't look like highwaters on her.

The hair thing was never an issue with her.  She loves her red hair, but honestly, I'm pretty content with mine now, too.

Ok, well, so that was a five minute ramble, but hey, that's what it's all about, right?

Come on over and join us!

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  1. Not small. Not ordinary. Loved by God no matter your height or hair color. Thank you for sharing this encouragement and reminder!