Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sleep, Baby, Sleep!

It is sometimes a real challenge to get all of the kids to take their naps at the same time.  It seems that when one goes down, another gets up and, it seems, tries to get everyone else who is down to wake up!  I mean, I can understand.  It's much more fun to play with your siblings and friends than it is to do something boring like take a nap!

But I still have the hope and dream of getting everyone into bed and sleeping around the same time everyday.

Today is actually not so bad.  Jo went to bed herself easily.  Gabriel was a bit harder, but once he settled, he was out like a light.  Jesse took some time before he was tired enough, but then he rolled over and slept as soon as I put him down.  So that leaves Baby B.

He is usually my best sleeper (after Jo, who usually sleeps very well and easily for her naps).  But not today. He has realized that across the room from his bed is something very very fun...Gabriel!  So, Gabriel is sleeping, and Baby B is very tired, but he keeps hopping up and 'calling' Gabriel with giggles, squeaks and jumps up and down in his bed.  Then, he throws himself on the mattress and snuggles with his blanket for a minute and then pops back up to jump and giggle again!

Thank goodness for white noise machines!  I think that there is no way things would work out without those! I actually just got another one for the downstairs room where Jesse (my very very worst daytime sleeper!) takes his 15 minute catnaps.  It's not as good as the one I have upstairs, but it's ok.  I kind of wish I hadn't spent the money on it, though, and had held out for another one like the one we have upstairs.

We have this upstairs...the Sony Dream Machine,

and some other cheap one downstairs that only makes noise that doesn't even really sound like it should.  It sounds more annoyingly repetitive than soothing, but it seems to help Jesse, so I guess we'll keep using it for now.

Anyway, I'm going to take advantage of my few minutes peace....

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