Friday, February 8, 2013

A Maiden Voyage

We did it.  We finally braved the big wide world and traveled to the library with all of the kids in tow.  Elizabeth and I planned carefully.  The timing had to be just right:  after morning nap at 9, but before lunch.  So, when the little ones woke up at about 10, we mobilized.

First, we had to feed Jesse and Baby B.  Then change diapers.  Pack the diaper bag.  Put Jo and Gabriel into the car.  Give them a snack to eat in the car so that they don't run all around and impede progress.  Apply coats and hats to Baby B and Jesse.  Stuff them in their car seats.  Attach said seats to the car.


Drive down the street.

Arrive.  Choose parking space carefully.  Must be near the entrance with the least amount of street to cover to get the door, but it must have enough space around it to open all the doors.  Park.  Unload.

Stroller first.  (Still looking for a front/back double stroller.  We had to use the jogger today.  It almost didn't fit through the front door of the library.)  Then one baby followed by the other.  Then Gabriel.  Jo.  Books.  Diaper bag.

Squeeze through the entrance.  Snake through the shelves to the kids' room.  Park outside 'cuz the stroller won't fit.

Yay!  We made it!  And fun was had by all.

Then, reverse the process, arrive home, make lunch, feed 4 hungry mouths, tuck things one and two into their cribs.  Read 3 and 4 a new library story.  Tuck 3 into bed followed closely by 4.

Whew!  Done!

We did it!!!!

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