Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dissecting a Situation

We started watching Baby B about 2 weeks ago.  Since we started watching him, we have just stayed home for the whole time that he is here...from 7AM-3:30PM.  We have gone outside to play, and we have taken walks, but we have not packed up in the car and gone anywhere.

And Jo has been great.  She has been calm and happy.  She has shared her toys and played relatively nicely with Gabriel.  She has been doing her school work well, and helping out a lot to watch Baby B and Jesse.

But yesterday, she went to her first gymnastics class at My Gym.  I won 4 classes at my MOPS meeting, and so we went to our first one this week.  Jo has been horrible!  Oh. My. Goodness.

It has not been as bad as it has gotten before, but she is a mess!  Crying over everything, fighting with Gabriel, playing way too rough with Jesse, not listening to Elizabeth, easily frustrated with her work and not able to play on her own well.

So what does this mean and how do I deal with it?  Does it mean that she can't go out and do things like gymnastics classes or whatever?  She doesn't have a problem with church on Sunday or AWANA on Wednesday nights, but I guess that's because we have been doing those things every week since...well, pretty much since she was born.

Does that mean that in order for her to be able to 'tolerate' an experience, she needs to repeat the same experience many many times before she can integrate it into her life without and issue?  But then does that mean that I should not have signed her up for the gymnastics classes since they will only last 4 weeks?

Argh!  I don't know.  She loves gymnastics, but is it too much for her and therefore for me since I then have to deal with her?  How do I help her overcome this?

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