Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Quick Update

Baby Hazel weighs 4 pounds, 1 ounce today!  Yay!  She is tolerating her feedings at 11.5 cc's an hour and her tummy is round and soft.  (That's good.)

Her ventilator settings are the same at 26, and her oxygen needs still fluctuate, but they are relatively low, staying around 28-38% (The air we breathe has 21%, so that's her goal)

She is also tolerating her open crib very well, (as am I).

Jimmy and I got to help with her cares today at 8PM which means that I got to change her diaper (then she pooped and I got to change it again, then, while I was changing that one, she peed, so I got to change it yet again!) and I got to hold her while her nurse changed her bed linens and made her a new 'nest' to sleep in.

All through this, Hazel satted high (her O2 saturation levels were high and good) and so all in all, it was a very positive visit.

She was also awake and alert for most of the visit, so it was great to get a chance to see her little eyes peeking up at me!

Gabriel was upset that he couldn't come, but we took more pictures so I am sure that he will spend plenty of time sitting on the couch scrolling through them.  He's such a sweetie!

And, in other news, I think that Jo is kicking her nail biting habit.  I told her that for every fingernail that she let grow long enough to cut, she could paint one toenail in a color that she picked out.  Then, I got some bright orange polish and told her that if she let them ALL grow out by the end of the month, she could paint ALL of her fingernails for dressing up on the 31st.  And that is a HUGE privilege because Jimmy doesn't let either of the girls paint their fingernails at all.  This evening, I could cut 3 more, so we're getting there!  It also helped that one of our friends got hand, foot and mouth disease and I told Jo that she probably got it from biting her nails (she has also kicked the nail biting habit!  Congrats to you!  You know who you are!)

This has been a great weekend!  How was yours?

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