Monday, October 28, 2013

Grace Like Rain

Hiding in the corner, covering my face with muddy hands...

I've spent too long on my knees scrabbling through the muck and the mud of fear and desparation

I know you must be out there, and I feel that if I could just see you...

If I could just touch your robe, I could be healed...

All could be made well.

But doubts and fears rise up before me, blocking me in and leave me cowering in the corner.

And then I feel it, softly at first, almost unnoticeable

A fine misting

A friend calls and listens to me.  She reaches out her hand and tells me that she'll go there with me.  She will walk the halls of the new hospital with me and help me calm my fears.

Amen, I breathe, and the darkness retreats a little, and I peek through my fingers.

A card comes next, a little note, jotted by someone I don't even know and the gift of prayer with it.

Amen, I sigh, and again the darkness fades, and I lower my hands.

A phone call follows with encouragement

Amen, I whisper, and bring myself to my knees.

It's falling a bit harder now...

Another message...

Amen, I say, and I rise to my feet

And yet another message...we are praying for you, we see you, we hear you...

Amen, I say again, this time with conviction and I reach out to touch the hem of His robe

But He sees me and doesn't let me touch His robe.  He pulls me in for a long embrace

And if the hem holds healing, the embrace holds completion

And it's pouring now and we dance together, He twirls and spins me so happy to have me back and I follow His lead in this crazy dance

Drenched in the terrific rain of grace.

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