Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Time

I was in the library the other day looking for book on Quickbooks, so I found myself in the computer section, and I saw the book 'Blogging for Dummies'.  That makes sense.  I mean, I am not very adept at the computer (no comments on that statement from my faithful following in France! ; ) so I can see how that would be a good book for someone who was new to blogging to check out.  But then, there were other books on blogging, and one of them was something like 1,000 idea for your blog.  That one I do not understand.  I mean I guess some people blog to make money or something, but for the most part, isn't a blog supposed to be where you can say what you want to say, express yourself and let other people who may be far away into your life?  My problem is that I often have so many ideas that I have to pick just one to write about on a day and then by the next day, I have other things I want to say so I can never catch up.  Why would one need ideas to write about?  If you don't have anything to write about, then why write?

The point of my blog here is not just to take up airspace.  I want to share things that are important, interesting or funny to me with people who are important, interesting or funny to me.  So, I will make a promise here and now to all of you out there:

I hereby promise that I will not write anything if I don't have anything to write about.

Ok.  That being out of the way, here's what I have to say today!

I think I have mentioned this before, but every Friday evening, or at least once a week if it can't be on Friday, we try to have family time.  We have a lot of time together as a family, but I feel like sometimes that even though we have a lot of time together, we don't really do much together.  We eat together every day, and we often cook together or clean together or garden together, but at least once a week, we try to do something fun together.  Nothing spectacular, just something out of our every day routine.

For example, the Friday after Jake passed away, we went to the city pound to donate his remaining dog food and just to visit the animals they have there.  Although Elizabeth was hopeful, we were in NO WAY going to bring an animal home, but it was interesting to see them all.  (Did you know that they do birthday parties there?  I was pretty amazed at that, but we saw one going on there.  Kinda weird.)

This is in the car on the way there.  Yes, all 3 of the kids fit in the back of our 2 door Ford Focus.  We only use the van when we have more people going than just our family.

The next week, we went to Elizabeth's school for a drama competition that Elizabeth was in.  It was really fun and the kids did great, but, of course, I forgot my camera, so I don't have any picture of that one.  Sorry.

Then, this weekend, we I decided that we should go to the National History Museum in DC.  Since it is black history month, there was a special exhibit on the American Girl Doll, Addy.  So, during the week, we read the Meet Addy book out loud and then we got ready to go to the museum.  Elizabeth's fried Annie went with us.

This is pancakes before we left...

...and lunch while we were there (do you see a theme of what we take pictures of here?)

And here's Gabriel because he wasn't in any of the other pictures.

And then Jimmy took a picture of Jo eating Gabriel's head...

And then Gabriel's crazy bed head hair.

And then Elizabeth's head getting taken off by a Ninja Turtle.

I had nothing to do with this one, either

And then this one, where Jimmy is watching soccer and Elizabeth is enjoying her book (I can't wait until the middle of March!  Then all those boxes and stuff will  be gone!)

And I realized that even though it's good to plan things to do together as a family, it hardly ever is the things that you plan that end up being the family time.

I ran across another blog that spoke about this very thing, and the way he said it was so good that I am going to link it at the end of this blog.  Take a look at it.  You'll like it.  Promise.

But wait...I have one picture that I forgot to put at the beginning of the blog.  This happened before the breakfast pancakes....

No pancakes for you, Little Mousey!

So the battle continues.  If I were a betting woman, I'd put my money on the kitties!

Anyway, here is the link to the other blog.  Check it out...but be sure to come back here!  ; )

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