Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ode Little Mousey

Oh, Little Mousey
I know you're still there
Stealing my marshmallows
As if I would not care

You have stolen our cat food,
Dog food and our cornflakes, too
You think you are sneaky,
But we saw you.

With cornflakes in your mouth
Into that hole you did scurry
You were little and gray
And yes, you were furry.

But furry or not,
These snacks aren't for you!
They are for Elizabeth, Jo
And Gabriel, too.

Around my house
On stinky feet you do creep
Looking for something;
Hoping for a treat.

But I am not worried
Oh, no!  I will not fret
'Cause I know in my heart
My kitties will find you yet!

Oh, Little Mousey
You've had a good time
All through our house
Every night you did climb

But your scavenger days
Will soon be done
Because after you
My hungry cats will run

Ask me if I feel
An ounce of regret
And No! I will tell you
Not one little speck!

You decided to ignore
My gentle pleas for relief
You stayed and you snacked
Much to my disbelief

So on little kitties!
Georgie, Little Boy, Dixie and Half-Cat, too
Get up from your slumber
You've got work to do!