Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I feel as if I accomplished something today.

Yes, I really did.

I got a few orders in for Pampered Chef, which is great since I am nowhere near my original goal for the month, but now that I have cut that goal into a more manageable half, I am getting pretty close.


the REAL thing that I accomplished today was that I went to the post office.

Now, I go to the post office often.  In fact, I usually go a few times a week.  But when I go, it is at the end of the day to drop off a shipment, letter, bill or check for my job, not as a trip for me to take care of my personal business.  I mean technically, since I am going after work, I  could use that time to take care of stuff, but I am usually cruising in right a 5, and you all KNOW how the lines are at that time, and with the company mailings, I have them already labeled, stamped and paid for, so all I have to do is drop them off, not stand in line...

and fill out overseas shipment labels.

Today, however, between when I picked my mother-in-law up from her part-time job and when I picked Jo up from preschool, I made a mad dash to the post office and processed my shipment. 

Now, I do feel that I was entirely rewarded for making that brave trip to the post office because a lady there saw my Pampered Chef catalog in my bag and asked me for one and wants to place an order, so I am glad that I went.

Well, honestly, I feel rewarded anyway just because I like to do this for my friends, but this was double reward today.

But, you see, there's a story behind this shipment. 

I have friends in other countries, and they often like to order things online from Amazon or Gap or what-have-you, and those companies will not ship to certain countries.  So, I receive those items here and then forward them on to their destinations.  I generally like doing this because I like to stick something extra in the package if I can or at least I like to know that my friends remember me and trust me to be a friend and help them out in this way, which means a lot to me.

(So, if you are one of those friends reading this, please don't take this as a message that I want you to stop!  'Cuz I don't!)

But this particular item for this particular friend didn't go quite as planned.  I have held onto packages a little too long before just because I haven't been able to get to the post office, (but I DID get it to her before the baby was born...ok, barely, but it DID get there!) but this one went to an extreme. 

Yes, I received the package here at my house last year. 

Ok, last spring.

Ok, EARLY last spring. 

And I still had it.


I'm so proud of me!


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