Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coming Back

I have not written in forever.  I don't even really know how to break the ice again, so instead of trying to write something 'worthwhile' which is kind of what I have been waiting for, I think that I will just let some words flow here and post whatever comes out.

I have started and aborted many an attempt at writing on here because these last weeks have been very difficult. 

We are all well, and there is nothing to really worry's just that some things have happened that have made us stop and regroup...multiple times.

I am nearing the end of my pregnancy...I have about 5 weeks left, and I feel like I am actually somewhat ready, if that's possible, and Jimmy and the kids are super excited.  We have a car seat, which is great because Gabriel wore his out with him being so big and all, and I had gotten diaper covers a while ago and today we pulled out the newborn stuff from Gabriel.  We have the bassinet set up, kind of, but it is still on the other side of the room.  Right now, Gabriel's crib is on my side of the bed and the bassinet is on Jimmy's but after the baby arrives, I know that it only makes sense to switch it around, but I am not ready to 'let go' of my baby Gabriel yet!

Jo, of course, is ready for Gabriel to sleep in her room with her and Elizabeth, preferably in her bed with her.  Which could actually work since her bed is a mattress on the floor, but I don't think we are going to go that route since they are of the opposite sex, so why get them used to sleeping together when they will not be able to to do it for long. 

At work, things are going along, although I am not sure that my boss really has accepted the truth that in about 4-5 weeks I will no longer be showing up at his door.  We had a big meeting today and talked about it, and I think that we have a little more of a plan in place that will help Jimmy move into my position, but only time will tell if these plans will actually be implemented.  And there's not much time left in which to do the telling!

I am actually pretty excited about Jimmy taking over at work, though.  I think that it will really stretch him and get him to explore more of his potential.  He is excited, too, but also very nervous.  It will really be pushing him out of his comfort zone.  I am confident that he can do it.  He just needs a little practice and a few successes. 

Christmas was interesting.  We went to my parents' house on Christmas day, which was nice until my dad got after Gabriel so much for touching stuff (he's 21 months old!) that Gabriel came to me and said, "Mommy, vamos!"  in a plaintive little voice.  (Mommy, let's go!)  So, I took him and Jimmy home and as soon as he got through the door, you could see the relief in his little face to be in a place where he could touch all he wanted to.

So, Gabriel is crying upstairs, so I've got to go see what's going on with him, but at least I'm back 'on paper' again!

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