Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get Your Guapo On!

I don't know exactly why it is so hard for me to put pictures on here, but for some reason, whenever I want to write, I can't find the camera, or the card won't read or what I want to write has nothing to do with the pictures...stuff just stands in the way.

But not today!

That's our Gabriel!  I do think that he has grown huge since the last time I posted pictures here. 

Anyway, if you notice, he is wearing a button down shirt.  It's Sunday, and we had just gotten back from church.  Jimmy is not a dresser; neither am I.  We seem to live in jeans and t-shirts with a sweatshirt thrown over the top if it's cold out. 

But the kids 'dress up' for Sunday church.  That means a dress for Jo, no jeans for Elizabeth, and a button down shirt for Gabriel. 

And every time Gabriel puts on his button down shirt, everyone tells him that he is so 'guapo' (handsome), well, because he is!  So now, when he sees his button down coming out of the drawer, he says 'Guapo!'.  And if you ask him where his guapo is, he points to his shirt. 

Now, I know that is not good for his vocabulary development, and we really should correct him...but it's just so darn cute!

Anyway, he KNOWS it's a shirt, it's just a special shirt...a guapo!

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