Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, the decision has been made, and it seems again that things are racing along at break-neck speed.

We have decided to take Elizabeth out of the public school and home school her starting on the 30th of January, so that her last day of school will be the last day of the semester, January 27th. 

That being decided, curriculum books are being poured over even more, and plans are being made, but I feel like the date is coming so quickly that I can never be ready by then.  I know that it is not that important that she starts her classes on that Monday, and, in fact, even if she were to stay in school, that Monday and Tuesday are days off, and she will still be participating in District Band, which is all day Thursday and Friday preparing for the concert on Saturday, but still, Elizabeth is chomping at the bit to get on her way in this new adventure, so I feel like I really want to support that and not hold her back in any way.

But the thing is that I am still working full time, so I don't really have time to figure everything out because by the time I get home from a full day's work, I am so beat that I can't really think straight, let alone concentrate on Geometry books!

At work, things are moving along as well.  Jimmy and I were given the green light to hire a new guy (finally!), who is taking Jimmy's place in the production process, which means that he is now available to actually train with me in what he will be doing when I am not longer there.  He is coming along well, but since he had been so busy with the production of the products that we are working on, we are behind on inventory, which really needs to be finished before the spring orders start rolling in.

BUT...we are still not done with the horribly convoluted billing from the project that we did over the summer...and are still working on...which I MUST get done before I leave because there is no way that anyone will be able to step in and figure anything out.  I can't even figure it out, it is so bad, that it is a constant weight hanging over my head that I try to work on every day.  But I still have to keep up with everything else, so I keep getting interrupted, and having to start up again.

Jo will probably finish her year at preschool and then we will keep her home next year.  I think that this is what we will do so that she is not going through too many changes at one time.  She is not so good with changes, and with Elizabeth coming home and the new baby coming, I feel like it might be more of an issue for her to upset her routine than it is just to leave her where she is til it's over.

BUT...the problem with THAT is that my father-in-law got a job that started today.  That means that he is no longer available to pick Jo up from school, nor to take my mother-in-law to and from her part-time job at the church, which is every Tuesday and every other Friday.  Technically, her job is not my issue, but, of course, since they live with us and since she is family, I want to be supportive of what they are doing and help them make and save the money that they are trying to get together to eventually go back to retire in their own country.  Plus, Gabriel goes with my MIL to the nursery when she works, so it is good for him to get out of the house and play with other kids his age. 

But that means that on Tuesday, I have to drop Jimmy and Mirian (the other lady who works with us and rides in with us every day) off at work by 8:30 Yolanda and Gabe off at church at 8:45, get Jo to school by 9 and get me to the doctors (I'm on the every week plan now) by 9:15.  Then I finish up there, go to work, then go to pick up Yolanda by 12, and Jo by 1 to race back to work to finish my day there.

Wednesday is just to work with everyone and Jo to school, then pick up Jo at 1 then back to work, and Thursday the same.  Friday is drop Yolanda off at church at 9 and pick up at 12.  So basically, every day except Monday, I will be running around which makes it hard to get into a groove to get this billing done at work. 

And I only have 3 weeks left, give or take, til the baby comes. 

Which means that the craziness will only last about 3 weeks, but then again, it will go on because I still have to take Jimmy and Mirian in to work, and drop and pick up everyone else, too.

I know that a routine will work itself out, but from where I am right now, I know that it is a blessing that my father-in-law got this job, but I feel like it's going to be a bit stressful, at least for a while til we all get used to it. 

In addition to that, my Pampered Chef is picking up again with 2 shows this weekend (yay!) and a few catalog and fundraiser shows out.  I have a huge goal that I am reaching for this month.  I'm not sure if I'm going to get there, but by this point, I am just counting it as reaching a goal by having any shows at all!

My energy goes up and down pretty much unpredictably.  I can be super charged one minute and dragging my knuckles on the ground the next.  But I've never tackled this much this close to the end of the pregnancy.

And every time I feel anything or have a Braxton Hicks contraction, Jimmy asks me if I want to go to the hospital.  Of course, I would prefer to not go to the hospital at all, but that's not an option for us, so I'll have to go, but not yet, Jimmy, not yet!

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  1. I'm tired just reading all that!!
    One minute at a'll get through it. And don't forget to ask friends/fellow church goers for help. It's a blessing to be the hands and feet of let them bless you.