Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bed Rest: Day 1

Well, so we have made it through the first day.

I actually stayed upstairs in bed until about 6:30 when Jesse went to bed.  I took naps with him when he slept during the day, but a 6:30 bedtime for me is just plain too early!  Both he and Gabriel are liking my sleeping with them at naptime, though.

Annie came by to help Elizabeth with the 3 Littles and Baby B, and it really went quite well.  There was very little fighting or crying coming up the stairwell, and they got to spend a bit of time outside between rain showers.

We are working on that...improving familial relations between Elizabeth and the Littles, and I must say that I was impressed by how she handled them today.

For me, the day didn't drag out too horribly until around 3 when it was getting close to when Jimmy would be home, but not close enough!  And then, he called me to let me know that he would be late!  That threw a monkey wrench into my happiness!  But it does seem that things are calming down.  I didn't have nearly as many contractions today as I had yesterday, and I pray for continued improvement in that area so I can heal completely and have the opportunity to get up!

Anyway, after Baby B went home and Jimmy finally got here, Elizabeth and Annie came up to visit with me and take a break...

Yes, that is a faceplant into a pile of Legos.  She was that worn out...

My in-laws come tomorrow, so I expect that it should be an easier day for everyone.  Jimmy's home, too, since it's the 4th of July, and he also took Friday off so we could move the girls' room from upstairs to downstairs.  Yes, we are once again revamping the house.  The girls are coming downstairs to where my in-laws were and the boys are moving into the girls' old room so that the baby can be in our room with us.  Otherwise, to put the baby in our room would mean there would be 5 people in our room, and that's just too many even if they are small!   I think that we are not going to repaint the room the girls are going in since it is a purple-y color and we just painted it in November when my in-laws left, but we do need to paint the room where the boys are going.  Right now, it is painted a color called 'Potty Train Purple' which is a very deep purple and it has been that color since Elizabeth was 5!

For the time being, we are going to leave Jesse in the crib and Gabriel in his toddler bed for space reasons, but we are on the lookout for bunk beds for the girls.  Right now Elizabeth is sleeping on the floor since we had to get rid of her bed and Jo is in a twin bed, the mattress of which I believe we will be able to keep.  We will put the baby in a bassinet, and when she outgrows that, we will re-evaluated and decide if we are going to get another crib that can change into a toddler bed or if we are just going to move Jesse to a toddler bed and put the baby in his crib.  Jesse is a climber, but so far except for the one time that he fell out of the crib because the mattress was too high, he has not tried to climb out.  

Anyway, I should have more time now to keep up with this here and keep you all posted on how we are doing...probably a lot more up-to-date than anyone really wants in fact...

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