Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 8: Feeling Catty...

So, today would be day 8 of bedrest if I were actually ON bedrest.  The first day, I actually stayed in bed.  Then it all went downhill from there.  But I can say that I have been taking it easier and have been trying to get a nap every day.

I'm pretty tired of the whole thing anyway. This is torture!  When this baby comes, I will have stories to tell her about this pregnancy!

I have been staying home, though, and  I can say that I'm not picking  up the babies.  So that counts, right?

The thing is that it is impossible for me to stay in bed.  There is too much to do to keep the house running, and if I am at all alive, then I have to be in it otherwise by the time I resurface, things won't even be recognizable, and so what good is that?  The recovery from that situation would be enough to put me back in bed!

Jo's birthday is this Saturday, too.  I have planned nothing, and no one has gotten her a present.  Elizabeth was supposed to be painting a doll house for her, but since I have been 'down' and not pushing the issue, it hasn't gotten done.  And since it's at my parents' house, it is a pretty good bet that it's not going to get done by Saturday.

And that would be fine except that Jo knows that it's her birthday Saturday, so she will be expecting something.  Luckily, I have a puzzle put away and also a friend of mine let me go through some toys she getting rid of in her move and I found some really cool stuff that I know Jo will love.  Also, one of Jo and Gabriel's friends is having a birthday party on the 13th, so they will get to go to that, so Jo will get to have a fun time somewhere at least.  I will have to make it up to her later after I'm back in full swing.  Maybe I can get Elizabeth to make her a cake, too.

My in-laws came over for the 4th, so we cooked out, and that was a lot of fun!

Corn was shucked...

...shoes were muddied.....

...hotdogs were eaten....

...s'mores were cooked.....

...and eaten...

and then Jo and Elizabeth and Annie went to my parents' trailer on Solomon's Island with my brother and his wife of 6 weeks.  The most that any one has spent with Jo is one day, and my brother and his wife have never been alone with her.  I have mentioned Jo's issues to my family, so they are well aware of the difficulties she sometimes has, but I don't think they ever really believed me.

Well, they do now.

The thing is that she was over-excited, and then she got to bed late the first night she was there, plus she ate a sugary dye-filled cereal for breakfast (which is a recipe for disaster even in the best of us!) so on Saturday she had a bit of a melt down in the middle of the camp ground.  It was around the time that she should have taken a nap, but since everyone thought that they knew how to handle her, she didn't get her nap and was 'handled' differently than we would have done it at home.  Elizabeth was trying to use the methods we use at home while my brother's wife was trying to calm her and my brother was telling her to leave Jo alone because she was making it worse.  Then someone was saying 'See?  That's what happens when you have kids!' and someone else was saying 'Wait!  One crying kid can't ruin the whole day for everyone' while someone else was asking if they cried would they get all the attention, too.

Jo was worked up, Elizabeth was stressed out over the situation, and a fun time was not had by all at that moment.

Eventually, though, Elizabeth managed to get Jo to calm down, and they went on with their day, but everyone seemed a bit agitated by the experience.  When Elizabeth got home, on Sunday afternoon she was so tired from the stress that she crashed on the living room floor and slept for an hour even with all the kids climbing all over her!

Interestingly enough, Jo has little to no recollection of the incident.  She just talks about the fun she had on the bikes and in the pool and with the other little girl that she met.  She talks about the cereal she ate for breakfast and how funny it was that she got to ride bikes with Aaron and his wife and then they happened to see Grandma and Grandpa riding their bikes, too.

Which personally, is fine with me. I'm glad she had fun.

Here's some pictures of Annie and Elizabeth tubing behind the boat...

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