Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Animal Crackers and Charras

I went to the grocery store when I was hungry.  I know, I know.  Not a good idea, but I had to pick up some stuff for dinner, so on my way back from the bank, I slipped into the Shoppers Food Warehouse.  We were going to have a taco salad for dinner, so I had to get some fixin's for that, and then, while running through the aisles in hopes of getting to the checkout lines before everyone else did, I remembered that Jo is due to be line leader of her class soon.  Like next week or something.  And the line leader's duty is not only to lead the line, but also to provide snack for the class for that day.  (So, the kids are in school for 4 hours.  They get a snack in the morning, then they eat lunch and then they have another snack...at least that's what they did last year.  Really?  Do they do anything else but eat?)  Since I for some reason seem to have a hard time keeping Jo's schedule straight in my mind, I usually buy a box of goodies for her to take to school as soon as I see that she is on the list and take it to school with her name on it so she is perpetually prepared. 

So, I picked up a snack for her...

And then I noticed these....

and in my hungry state, I picked these up, too,  (Basically they are round corn chips...very good.) and I thought about them the whole way home.  But, to protect myself from sudden uncontrollable snacking in the car on the way home, I had stashed the bags in the back of the car where I couldn't reach them.

Today, as I was plugging through my day at the computer, I found my mind wandering over to the box of animal crackers and before I knew it, there was a veritable safari marching across my desk!
I love animal crackers!  I am sorry, but I just couldn't resist! I had not gotten the Shopper brand crackers before, so I just had to pop open the box and do a quality check before I took them into Jo's class, right?  And then, catastrophe struck and I couldn't find a tiger without a broken leg!  So, I had to go through almost the entire box to find one!  No, I didn't eat them all, but I made a little pile of them on my desk on my quest for the perfect menagerie.  Jimmy looked over at me and proclaimed me 'Nuts' (but the way he says it, it sounds like 'noots', which I probably am...am I noots?)

Either way, I must say, I was well impressed with both the flavor and the detail of these crackers.

With the exception of these.  This was just a little unnatural.

Anyway, Jo is line leader soon (tomorrow, maybe?) so she's got to take snack in and...well...I'm afraid the crackers aren't going to make it. 

Hmmm....I wonder if 3 year olds other than Jo like Charras...

I guess we'll find out!  If not, Noots to them!

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