Friday, March 11, 2011

Soggy Friday

I like Fridays.  I mean, who doesn't?  It's the last day of the week before the weekend.  Just 8 hours to slog through and then yay!  You're free for the next 2 days!  And spring is coming!

(The builder next door almost took these forsythia out when the remodeled the house next door.  I ran out the door in my pj's to stop them...but that is another story!)


Friday also means that Jo is out of school.  Her school is closed on Fridays.  Sometimes this is not really a problem. She plays nicely with her blocks and trains and puzzles and writes her letters in her books and is fine.  Today, however, things didn't really go that way.

She went to bed upset last night because she didn't like her dinner, and woke up this morning upset because she wanted to wear a short sleeved shirt and shorts (it is too cold in the house for that and she still has a cough from last week!).  After she got settled and finished eating, she decided that she was hungry again while I was eating my breakfast, but she didn't want anything that I was offering her.  So, she cried for most of the morning.  Then, she didn't want to play with her blocks, but she wanted me to get her dollhouse out.  It was put away in the room where the baby was sleeping, so since I couldn't get that out, she cried some more.

Then she ate lunch and was running around and fell and hurt her hands on the floor, so she cried again.  Then she wanted to sit on my lap, which is impossible while I am trying to get any work done, so she cried about that, too.  So, I took her upstairs and settled her into her bed to listen to her books on tape and take a nap.

When she woke up, she cried because her socks and shoes were downstairs and she wanted to put them on upstairs.  When they were passed to her, she cried because she wanted someone to sit with her while she put them on.  Then she wanted new socks because hers weren't 'working' because she had put them on wrong.  More tears.

When she finally got herself straightened out about that, she was hungry, and ate a snack but then was crying because she wanted something else, not anything she could have (no, Jo, you can't just have marshmallows, and no, we don't have any watermelon).  I thought a change of scenery would help, so I took her with me to drop the boxes that I needed to ship for my job and she cried because she wanted to get out of the car while I ran into the shop to drop the boxes off.  Then we went to the grocery store and she started to cry because she wanted to go home.  So, we finished there and went to Elizabeth's school to pick her up.  Jo's seat belt was twisted, which caused major upheavals and many tears.  When we got to Elizabeth's school, there were tears because Jo was hungry again.

I came home and made dinner directly, which Jo, again, 'didn't like' and started to cry over.  She finally finished it (it was rice and veggies...she usually gobbles it up) and got to split the last piece of cake with her sister.  But Elizabeth was one the phone with Annie, so Jo wanted to talk to Annie so while Jo talked to Annie, Elizabeth ate her piece of cake and then took the phone back and Jo cried because she had wanted to eat her cake at the same time as Elizabeth ate hers. 

Then Jo wanted to 'go somewhere'.  This is a common refrain from her.  She always wants to 'go somewhere', and it always seems to be at times when we really just aren't going to 'go somewhere'.  So the waterworks started again.

Finally, it was bath time, and Jo was sad because she didn't want to stand up at the end of her bath to get all the soap off.  I think the tears washed all the bubbles right down the drain.

Jimmy read her a story while I put Gabriel to bed and when she was tucked in and Gabe was just asleep, Elizabeth went in her room to climb in bed, too, and Jo started yelling about something and calling Mommy!  Mommy! which, of course, woke Gabriel up, who started crying.  (But he's a baby.  And this was pretty much the first time today he cried!)

So, finally, everyone is asleep and there is no crying in the house right now.  Family time this week is peaceful time between the sheets for everyone!

But, I'm making tapioca pudding from a recipe I got from one of my favorite blogs.  I'm so excited!  I've never made it before.  Maybe I can cheer Jo up with it in the morning.   For  now, I'm just enjoying the quiet and I think I'll do my homework from Monday night Bible study.

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