Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Words, Words, Words!

I am sorry.  I can not do wordless Wednesday.  I have just too many words!

I love words.  

I love languages.

I love to make up words and play with words.

I love games like 


and Bannanagrams.

I love wordfinds.

This is something that has been tickling my mind for quite some time.

I have a few in my head, but I want to see if any of you have any others that I have not thought of.

I won't tell you all of mine, but I'll give you an example:


See?  That's a word that really is a name of a specific brand of product, but the word Velcro is used to mean any of those hook and loop closures. 
So, can any of you think of any other words that are like that?  

Words that really mean a brand name of something but that are used in everyday language.

But there are a few pictures that I just have to share because you didn't get any yesterday and I just can't resist, even though they have nothing to do with the topic of the day.

This is out of a magazine.  I thought it was really cool that the avocado was not only in jeans, but that the jeans were made out of its peel.  Sorry if I already shared this one.

Can you see what's special about this apple?  My family thought I was crazy, but I thought it was so cool!
Do you see it?
It is completely flat across the top where the stem comes out!

Gabriel's next meals.  Not all together, of course, but I am always impressed by God's bounty and His wonderful creativity!

Back to the point...

Give me some good words!


  1. Cheese its. Thats an other one. Everyone knows Cheese its.

  2. I mean Cheezits. No matter what kind of square orange cracker it is, everyone calls them Cheezits.

  3. Good ones! We don't use frigidaire here, but I can see where frigidaire would be used. But what is sopalin? I have a few in my mind that I would add, but I want to see if anyone comes up with them, first.

  4. Sopalin is an original brand for kitchen roll.
    And what about the Bic which is used to write on a Post It?

  5. Yes, Post It is a good one, because we use that for any kid of sticky note, but we do not use Bic here. Some people use that brand of pen, but we do not refer to pens in general as 'bics' here. Like we don't say, 'Do you have a bic? I need to write a note.' Do you do that there? Now my interest is really piqued to see the differences between countries where the same brands are used but perhaps bigger in one place than another.

  6. Since it appears that only you and I are playing, I will add crockpot (slow cooker like the one featured on my recipe) and Bandaid...the adhesive bandages we use here.

  7. Yeah, I know now about crockpot when I tried to find what you said in one of your previous post. I wondered about this tool.
    We use Bic but actually a pen must be call crayon bille (ball pen) and it sounds like crayon Bic and that's the reason of this wrong use.

  8. Cliché:

  9. That is so funny! So you mean it's not all true? You don't wear a beret and a red scarf? But it DOES seem like you are on holiday all the time!

    I've got add Ziploc...the zipper top plastic storage bags. And then this one doesn't really fall into this category, but what about the 'gas' that we use to fill our cars which is really a liquid?

  10. I do not know for this 'gas'. More than 75% of cars are fitted with fuel (gazole in French) engines and France, whereas the others are equipped with gasoline (essence in French)engines. Did you mean gasoline? Is it a brand?
    We do not use the term ziploc, but we do not say anything else then 'scotch'. What is it for?

    And my fuzzy cheeks do not wear beret at all nor red scarf! And I do work 217 days a year.

  11. Yes, gas is for gasoline, which as we all know is a liquid.

    I do not know what scotch would be. Our Scotch is a brand of adhesive tape.

    But that means that you get a total of 148 days off each year! I am lucky to get 80!

  12. If you are asking what ziploc is for, it is a brand of food storage bag that has a resealable top. Kind of like a zipper, hence the name 'ziploc'. But everyone uses the term ziploc to refer to any bag of that type.

    You know, when Gabriel was born, I was working again an hour after I got home from the hospital...2 days after he was born. No maternity leave for me, before or after the birth! I will NOT let that happen again. (Neither will Jimmy!)

  13. o.k. what about's a name brand but everybody calls tissues Kleenex.

  14. Yeah, I like that one, too. I think that's one that Jimmy posted on Facebook. I guess it's every brand's cream to become the household word, right?