Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Cut Above

My husband is a very brave man.  I mean, really, really brave.

He let me /this/ close to his head with an electric trimmer!

I am not sure I would let me close to my head with an electric trimmer, but then again, I have long hair.
Anyway, Jimmy and I are always looking for ways to cut back on the budget, and we figured that if we invested in an electric trimmer, we would recoup the money very quickly at $20+ per month on hair cuts for Jimmy and even more for soon-to-be hair cuts for Gabriel.
This is what we started with.  I was a bit nervous.  I have only done this once before, and this is what we ended up with that first time:

So you can see my trepidation.

But, Jimmy trusted me once again, and I set to the task.  First I had to evaluate the situation
And I realized that it really may be hopeless, but I was brave and forged on ahead.

 (and no, I'm not pregnant, I just look abnormally large in that photo.  I think it's the way I'm balanced on the chair)

Then I took stock again,
and I realized that there was still more work to  be done
 Annie was quite shocked by the turn of events.

But I persevered,

and finally saw all that I wanted to see fall off his head and into the sink

It was a job well done!

If I do say so myself.

He certainly does clean up well, doesn't he?


  1. Incredible.....great job. Michael does his own hair here with the clippers and I often do the kids for a long stretch and then take them once a year to get a 'real' cut.

  2. Jimmy tried to cit his own hair the first time and I had to do damage control. It was HILARIOUS!!! That is what started the whole thing. But he won't let me taper the back, so it looks like he has a little helmet on when you look at him from the back.

  3. I keep seeing that typo in my comment and it's bugging me...he CUT his hair!!!!

  4. I do NOT like that picture of me!!! ):(