Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grace Like Rain

I have been struggling with how to prepare myself and my family for Good Friday and Christ's death and resurrection through this season of Lent.  I feel like in the every day, day-to-day stuff, we forget the true meaning and the pain and torture that Jesus went through in order that we might live with Him in eternity.

My husband's brother passed away suddenly and tragically shortly before Christmas last year, and even though I had never met him, I still felt the pain of having something beloved wrenched from your life way too early.   I often reflect on my husband's father and especially his mother and how horrific it must be to bury a child.

And yet, that is what God the Father chose to do with His Son.  His only son.  He had all His eggs in one basket, if you will.

But God chose this for Himself and for His child.

During the Lenten time and when we think of the crucifixion, we usually think of Christ and the pain and suffering that He went through, but what about God the Father?  How horrible that must have been to see His Son die such a torturous death and know that He could prevent it and even stop it, but choosing to allowing it to happen.  For us.

I mean, we are not even nice people.  We are not perfect.  We mess up.  A lot.  We can't even get through one day without screwing something up!

Well, at least I know I can't..

Tonight in Bible study, in reflection of Lent and all that the Lenten season represents, we wrote a sin that we are presently dealing with on a small piece of paper and then put it in a flame and dropped it in a can to let it burn.  This was to represent how when Christ died on the cross for us and in 3 days rose again, our sins were completely wiped away and will continue to be completely wiped away for as long as we confess our sins to God.

Because of God the Father's sacrifice and because of God the Son's obedience and death on the cross,

God sees us through Christ-colored lenses. We are His children!

How amazing is that?  I really can't even fit my mind around that.  Why would He do that?  Why not just keep His perfect Son whole and healthy and let us rot?

Because He made us.  And because He loves us.

And this truth is truly

Grace like rain.

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