Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Top Ten

I really didn't think that I would be joining this Top Ten thing as much as I am...but here I am again!

This time, my Top Ten is a list of first's that happened recently, mostly this weekend...well since I last wrote, which was last Thursday.  (Sorry about that, guys!  It's just it's been so busy around here and without m computer at home, it's a lot harder to keep up here!)

So, here I go!

1.  Elizabeth's soccer team won a game.  This is a first.  In like 5 years.  Or more.  Their team really isn't all that good.  But the girls have a lot of fun, and they get their exercise, so that's what really matters, right?

There's Delmi behind the girl on the left, Renee front and center and Elizabeth to the right.

No cleats in the car!  The synthetic field they play on fills their cleats with the little tires shavings and they get everywhere!

2.  Gabriel uses the potty regularly now.  He knows what it's for, so when you put him on it, he will do whatever it is that he has to do.  He's 14 months old and although I do want him to slow down growing quite so fast, I'm not complaining about this part!

3.  Jo finished her gymnastics class and loved it!  I had just put her in it because it was at her school and right after school, so it was convenient, but it turns out that it was great for her and she really took to it.  Maybe it's her thing like soccer is Liz's.

4.  It has gotten hot enough outside during the day that the house seats up enough that it is hotter inside than outside by the evening time. (This is not a good thing.  It is only the end of May.  We have a long way to go before it gets cool again!)

5.  My clothesline is slowly but surely getting put up!

6.  We planted an apple tree!  They were at 75% clearance at Lowe's so I got the tree for $5!!!!
Yes, we were one of those 'fruity' people with the tree sticking out the top of their car.  :)

7.  We worked our first full week at our new office location.  (YAY!!!!!)

8.  The kids got their first dip of the year in the pool outside.

9.  We had a 3 day weekend and cooked out on Monday and got our first harvest of beans out of the garden.
These are our beans...

...and this is Jo's 'harvest' of walnuts.

10.  Jimmy painted and...WE GOT A COUCH!!!!!  You can have no idea what this means!  This was the first time that Jimmy and I have EVER gone out and picked out a piece of furniture and bought it!  We got it at Corts, so it's not exactly new but it is a lot newer than anything else that we have ever gotten.  This is also the first time we have had a real couch in about 7 years, so this is really something big!!!!

Georgie likes it, too!
So, there you go!  That is what we have been up to around here since we last met here!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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  1. Looks like a busy weekend! Our kiddos got out their slip 'n slide for the first time today. I think they've forgotten that we have an inflatable pool. They'll probably ask for that soon. Summer = lots of time in the water for my kids. :)