Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

I am linking to Top Ten Tuesday today.  I found it while reading one of most favorite blogs, and since I was just chatting with a teen aged friend of mine concerning a certain subject that will become clear to you as you read, I decided to make my list about that chat and post it here.  My post is nowhere near as fun and colorful as my friend's post, but I feel the need to say this, so here it is:

The Top Ten Reasons to NOT Have a Boy(Girl)friend When You Are A Teenager (or perhaps ever.  That is a touchy subject, but feel free to apply the points as they fit):

1.  You already have so much going on and changing in your body and life that you do not need to add stress to that by getting into a relationship.

2.  Almost no one marries their high school sweetheart, so the likely hood is that the relationship will end badly and someone (probably you) will get hurt.

3.  Dating and breaking up is like playing 'relationship' and practicing for divorce. 

4.  You need to concentrate on your schoolwork.

5.  God has one man/woman chosen for you.  He wants you to remain pure for that chosen person.  Having a boy/girl friend is an open door to NOT stay pure.

6.  You are not emotionally ready nor capable of being logical with your feelings nor communicating effectively in order to have a meaningful relationship.

7.  By concentrating on only one person, you miss out on opportunities to meet other people and do things that may be what lead you to the person that God has chosen for you.

8.  By dating someone and eventually most likely breaking up with them, you could end up losing a good friend in that person.

9.  You need more time to develop and establish yourself and your values before you are able to share yourself with someone else. 

10.  I firmly believe that God has someone out there for each and every person.  There is no need to chase that person down and try to find him/her yourself by 'trying out' different people.  God will provide him/her to you in His own time.

And those are my top 10 reasons why you should NOT have a relationship when you are a teen.  They are not necessarily in any particular order other than what came to my mind as I was typing them.  I encourage group activities, and I do not intend to keep my children in a box, but rather encourage them to participate with and get to know other young men/women (and not so young men and women from whom they can learn good relationship skills) who have their same set of values and beliefs so that they can be guided to the one that God has waiting for them.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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