Monday, May 23, 2011

Youth Camping Trip as told by Annie

 I have, possibly against my better judgment, turned my blog over to the youth who ended up at my house after the camping trip.  Annie was the first to grab the keyboard, so she went first, and here is what she had to say about the camping trip that the Youth Group went on this weekend.  All the words are hers and hers alone, except for the picture and the caption, which IS her!

Camping by Annie(Arnold)

This is Annie...with a bread mustache.

I'm lucky to have gotten to go at all. I had to finish my 5 page history report before I could go. But, I did. About 15 people went. We had to take like 5 cars. We had to drive for like an hour and a half.
 When we got there we didn't know what to do and Mr Kevin(the youth minister) didn't get there until a half an hour. When he finally got there we had to unload my Mom's car so that she could leave, all of the other drivers were staying. When that was done we went to the rock hill. This would turn out to be my favorite place on the trip. It looked like someone had dropped a giant marble out of the sky and it broke into a million pieces. Then we had to drag all of our stuff from the cars, which were at the top of the hill, to the cabin, which was at the bottom of the hill. Now, you would think that it's easy to drag stuff down a hill, but the stuff was so heavy, and then we had to climb back up the steep hill. It was so annoying. I will never take a table for granted again, because they are very heavy. Then, when we were almost done Ms Amy arrived. She and Jordon had gotten lost and arrived late. And of course their car had the most stuff in it. All of the kitchen supplies, and the tents, and the gas, and the STOVE!!! And there was no bathroom, just an outhouse!! A stinky, disgusting outhouse! And the cabin was full of stinkbugs!! Tons of stinkbugs!! Before lunch, Katie shared the devotional that she had made. We ate lunch, hot-dogs, and settled in. Then Mr Kevin told us to go play games. So almost everyone went to the rocks and climbed around. It was so much fun, and we saw a lizard. Jonni, Jordon, and I climbed all the way to the bottom, well not quite all the way, after the woods started we just sat on a giant boulder. Then we had to head back to start cooking dinner. Mr. Kevin was in charge, but we all helped. Gilbert and Tim made a special rice dish. After a dinner of rice and soup we cleaned up and headed to the rocks. There Eileen did her devotional and Mr Kevin told us to find an isolated spot to watch the sunset and connect with God. I saw the GOD CLOUD!!!! the God cloud was like God in the form of a cloud looking down at us and watching over us. But I couldn't make out the face, I believe that this is because God has many faces. Afterwards  we headed to the field for the campfire. We roasted marshmallows to make smores and we sang songs. We also previewed Missa's testimony. Then we headed back to the cabin. There was a huge Luna Moth on the window right next to my cot, it was so big and beautiful, but Liz threw it off of the porch, so when I saw a beetle on my window I flicked it off, knowing that her bed was on the porch, right under the window. Hehehe...   anyway, the next morning we packed up and ate breakfast. After breakfast we headed up to the cars to load stuff up. If that stuff was heavy going down hill, then it was really heavy going up, we were all in excruciation pain, except for Jonni, he didn't do anything! After that we got to go to the rocks for a bit and I climbed to the bottom again, I know that it sounds weird, but I think that it's easier climbing up than down. Then we drove back to the church and went home.

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