Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Again- Grocery Trip

Last week when I joined Top Ten Tuesdays over at Oh Amanda, I thought that I would not be joining again.  I mean, it was fun and all, but really, I couldn't think of other top ten things that I would want to list.

But today, actually, this evening, actually about 30 minutes ago, I was inspired to make another top ten list.

So...here it is!

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Should NOT Have Taken the Little Dudes to the Store With Me Tonight

1.  Gabriel didn't take a nap this afternoon.

2.  Jo was full of it.  I'm not sure exactly what it was, but whatever it was, she was full of it.

3.  Jimmy will have tomorrow evening (and every Wednesday evening, for that matter) 'off' so he didn't really need time off but I have not had time off from the kids since about 1998.

4.  I am tired.

5.  When I got to the store, there were no carts in the parking lot.  I had Gabriel, Jo, Gabe's seat cover (those carts are so gross!  I know.  I used to work at Target), my coupons, and my re-usable bags, so I had to juggle all those things and try to get the seat cover in the cart with Gabe in my arms.

6.  There were no good in-store coupons.  (This had nothing to do with the kids, but I was disappointed all the same.)

7.  Gabriel kept turning around and taking the stuff that I put in the cart back out to inspect and toss it back in...only he missed the cart usually.

8.  Jo kept yelling 'Everybody out of the cart!'

9.  The checker kept forgetting that I had re-usable bags and putting my stuff in plastic so then she stopped bagging all together and I had to bag and try to keep Gabriel from UN-bagging everything.  But she kept asking me if I needed help to my car.  No, ma'am, but I need you to do what you are SUPPOSED to do and bag my groceries, please!

AND....the number 10 reason I should not have taken the little dudes with me to the grocery store...Drumroll please....

10.  Eggs break when you grab the top of the carton and dump them all out.  Yes, Gabriel did a study on the laws of gravity and the effect of hard tiles on raw eggs.   And the outcome was as you would expect.  Broken eggs.  On the floor.

Some would call it bribery, some would call it bad parenting, but I call it an occasional necessity.  I got a pack of sandwich cookies and let Gabriel have one just to keep his hands busy and off the groceries, and I promised Jo one if she would stand by me and not run off to press the buttons on the machines that are at the front of the store.

And when I got home, Jimmy asked me 'Why is Gabriel all covered in goop?'

Well, I say...Just let me tell you....

Top Ten {Tuesday}


  1. Number 8 is my favorite! Where do they get this stuff? Absolutely hilarious!

  2. That story reminds me of a grocery trip I took to Whole Foods once. Did you know that if you drop a pint of blueberries into a cart from three feet that they go all over? And that then as you walk around the store they continue to escape from all kinds of places in the cart...making an effect like your grocery store is pooping blueberries every few steps. NOT lots of fun.

  3. I'm glad you participated in the top ten, and stopped by my blog!! Sounds like it was one eventful trip to the store!