Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I am doing this early today because I know that if I don't post right now, I don't know when I'll get another chance.  Our company has effectively moved out of the house with the exception of a few small pieces and parts, and with it goes this computer.  I do have a laptop, so I will keep up, but this weekend is going to full full full with getting everything organized in the new location!  I will post some pictures soon!

So, once again I am participating in Five Minute Friday from over at Gypsy Mama.

The rules?  Write for five minutes without stopping to edit or revise.

Today's topic?  When seasons change.




When seasons change I always feel like it is a time of renewal and starting over.  I get to start a new garden or mulch over one that didn't go well during the summer.  I get to get the kids out of school or I get to put them back in!  I get to open the windows and feel the fresh air or I get the urge to batten the hatches and bake some cookies to warm the house with sweet smells.  I get to hang out outside and roast marshmallows with the family or I get to snuggle on the bed and watch a movie.  There are so many things.  I used to teach and it was so great.  All year I would be in the classroom and right when I was so tired of being in there, it would be summer time and I would get to have my summer camp at my house.  Then, right when I was tired of trying to recover my destroyed house every night, it would be fall and time to hit the classroom again.  I love the rhythm of the changes.  Every spring when it starts to get a little warmer and I can open the windows, I hear the birds chirping outside the window and I remember when each of my kids were born and getting up wtih thim in the early hours to feed them and chage them.  I love the warmth of spring after the long hard winter but then I miss the cool of fall when the heat of summer bears down on us.  That was one things that I really missed when I lived in Hawaii..  There are no seasons; just the rainy hot season and the drier hot season.

I love the way the rhythm of the seasons wraps its way around our family and helps to create unique family memories that can be brought back by a breeze on the skin or a scent in the air.

BEEP!  That's it for today!  Let's see what happened!


  1. You do an excellent job of capturing the feeling of the season change from spring to summer for a teacher!

  2. I LOVE seasons, too!! They make life just a little extra special...all the things relating to the changes. Fun post! :)

  3. it feels like there are only 2 seasons here too, too hot & too cold! ;p