Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth of July and All Its Trappings

I tried to post yesterday, but for some reason I couldn't get the pictures to upload, so I gave up and went to bed instead.

But, I will try again today!

This past weekend was another full one.  On Saturday, Jimmy and I helped a friend of ours move from her basement apartment to put all her stuff in storage.  I think that when you do that, you realize just how much stuff you have and just how much stuff you don't really need!  Hence, we have a huge pile of bags and boxes in our living room awaiting another yard sale, which we hope to have on Saturday if the weather cooperates.   Our shed is completely full, too.

So, on Sunday, we spent the afternoon going through the boxes and bags and sorting them into different boxes and bags of stuff that made sense together:  kitchenware, girls clothes, boys clothes, adult get the point, and we ended up with an entire storage bin full of pajamas!  Yes, PJ's.  So, if you need some PJ's come on by and see us.

On Saturday we also went to the pet store again.  I know...I love the pet store.  I have really gotten into the whole fish thing.  But we got a few more fish because they were on sale for $1 (Jimmy set me a $5 budget this time).  The new ones are really cool. of the must have been pregnant because on Sunday evening, there were babies in the tank!  They are so tiny!!!!  I tried to take a picture of them, but it wouldn't turn out because they are just so small!  So Monday morning, when we saw that most of them made it through the night, we decided to set up a fry tank.  So, we now have 2 tanks, one on the kitchen counter.  They have to be close because they share the same air pump, and there was nowhere else to put them.
Supposedly, according to the fish man at the store, this is a vintage fish tank.  I used to use it when I was little for hermit crabs and once I grew tadpoles in it, but I didn't know it was vintage.  Am I that old?  But anyway, it holds water and will do the trick!  There's no filter in it, but I put Morty the moss ball and he will help keep the tank clean.

Monday was the Fourth, so we didn't have to work, but we decided to clean out more of the shed and get the final remnants of the business out of our space and into the storage unit that the company rents.  So, we spent all day getting that stuff sorted out and by evening, neither Jimmy nor I were in any mood to cook out, or to really cook anything at all.  Peter had called earlier that day and asked if he could bring over some firecrackers in the evening, so I told him he certainly could and invited him to eat with us.  So he came over and Jimmy and I decided that instead of cooking out, we would go to Five Guys, which has the best burgers, and get some burgers there, bring them home and pretend that we cooked them.  Peter came over and we stuffed the little dudes in the stroller and walked over to Five Guys.

When we got back, Peter was excited about setting off his fire crackers, so we gathered outside in the driveway and he started to light them.  
Which started our fine...then went to this:

Then to this:

And then Jo suddenly said that she needed to go to the bathroom, and the next thing I know, she's upstairs watching from this:

That's her behind the open slats of the shutters.

So, we finished those up and came inside for something much more fun for everyone:

Ice Cream Cones!

Then, because I'm not his mom, so I'm allowed to do this, (besides, it was a holiday!) and Peter had never had Root Beer, let alone a Brown Cow (or Root Beer Float), I made him one.  

But rules are still rules, and there's no food on the couch!

And finally, right before bed, Gabriel decided to 'drive' Jo completely crazy!

Beep! Beep!
But she was very patient.  Ice cream cones can do that to you.

Then Peter set off some more fire crackers which were watched from the safety of the front window, we cleaned up and finally, the day was over, but unfortunately, so was our weekend!

How was yours?

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