Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Been Going on Around Here

I'm not really sure if the title of this posting is a question or a statement!

But....this is what has been going on around here:

We found a box turtle in the road and brought it home.  But, when I did some research online, I found that the numbers of box turtles were decreasing because they do not reproduce rapidly and so many people were taking them into captivity to turn them into pets.  Also, I found that they really need a lot of space and they are stressed and therefore made ill by little kids and pets. 

So...we took him to a stream near where we found him and let him go the next day.

We also harvested our carrots...

...which tasted as bad as they looked...or worse.  That was a disappointment, but...

...Our sunflowers are amazing!  I planted 2 seeds in front of my in-laws window to give them some shade, and one seed didn't sprout, but the other took of like crazy is almost tall enough to shade the window on the second floor!  (That's the first picture of the 3).  The other ones that are just seeds that I dropped here and there for fun have come up and are either blooming already or getting ready to.  They are so pretty and their blooms last so long!  What fun!  It's been a few years since we have planted these, and now I wonder why we waited so long!

At work...
Aliza and Jenna (our boss' daughters) made us some awesome cupcakes, which were quickly devoured by the group.

And Sunday was a day of fun and relaxation that ended late in the evening with a splash in the pool!


  1. It is so hard to leave the little critters where you find them. My kids are always trying to bring home everything they find.

  2. Funny...we just found a box turtle as well...or as my husband called it...a turtle touched by the hand of mordor (from lord of the rings)...