Monday, August 26, 2013

Jetting and Fretting

Hazel Grace is the one jetting...I'm the one fretting.

Just to get that out there so no one worries about the emotional state of our sweet baby Hazel Grace.

That being said, this posting is short and sweet just to let you know what it going on and how exactly to direct your prayers

because the Bible says in John 14:13 'whatever you ask in My name, this I will do that the Father may be glorified in the Son'

and I am clinging to that truth like a man in the desert clings to his last canteen of water.

Anyway, I figure that the more people that are asking, it certainly can't hurt.

Baby Hazel actually had a good day today.  Her monitors didn't beep and squawk as much as they often do, and she was comfortable and looked sweet and soft and so...just so...squeezable!  (I didn't.  Squeeze, that is.  I have thus far been able to refrain from squeezing sweet baby Hazel Grace.  I have been able to content myself with cupping her fuzzy tennis ball head in my hand.  BUT...let me tell you that when she gets to be squeezable size...well, she's just better look out.  'Cuz I've got some squeezing coming her way.  It's building up, and it's got to get release sometime!)

But here's the thing:

She had a good day on the ventilator settings that she is on right now.  And that is the issue.

The settings are too high.

She's at a pressure of 35.  She had been at a pressure of 26 and she needs to be at a pressure of 16 or so.

Thirty-five is just too high,but that's where they had to put her when she had her bad day and night recently, and she just hasn't been able to wean down off of that.

Which means that the doctor wants to do more drugs and other interventions that I wish did not have to be done.


We need to pray that baby Hazel would be able to wean herself down on her jet settings and that her lungs would heal.

Right now.  Tonight.

That's what she needs.

She needs to head the doctors off at the pass so that they don't continue down the path of thinking that she's not going to get better with the minimal intervention that they are doing now.

She needs a miraculous recovery.

I know it's possible.

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