Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Visiting Hazel Grace

Today's visit with Hazel was absolutely amazing! When we got there, she was snuggled on her side with a tiny cozy blanket was wrapped around her legs. She was sleeping and peaceful, and I was hesitant to disturb her.

Beauty personified.

Then the nurse came and told us that all was well with her. She is tolerating her food (pumped breast milk) well and was increased from 1.5 cc's per 3 hours to 2.3 cc's every three hours.

But the best news was that the brain scan that she had last night revealed no brain bleed!

This is incredible news! It doesn't mean that she won't have  any down the road at some point, but it means that right now...today...she is good.

God is good.

But the bestest best part was when the nurse started to check her over.  She turned off the bililight - which, by the way, Hazel is down to only one bulb now - and rolled little Hazel to her back. Then she took off her little diva eye mask and as I reached in to hold her tiny hand, she opened her eye and looked at me!

Now go ahead, you party poopers, and tell me she can't see me. Whatever. She looked at me and let me know that she's gonna be alright. She's not going to give up.

She's a fighter.

And she's got the angels on her team.

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