Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Than Angels

Of all the kids, it seems that Gabriel, our 3 year old, has had the hardest time dealing with the whole traumatic event in our family that has been Hazel's birth.

A few weeks ago, while I was still home on bedrest, Gabriel informed that he had a cat in his tummy. This cat made him sick sometimes, but not to worry because it would soon come out and he would feel better.

The evening that I got home, he asked me about baby Hazel, and asked me if they cut open my tummy and took her out. Seeing as that's exactly what they did, I said yes.

The next day, Gabriel was super clingy and crying. Finally, he said that his tummy hurt because the cat in there was making it hurt. Later, though, after a nap with mom and dinner, he felt better and informed us all that the doctor had cut open his tummy and taken out his cat. His cat, now named Goeffery, had then ridden his bicycle to the doctors where baby Hazel is and is watching over and taking care of her.

Sweet baby Hazel! Not only does she have a brother who is crazy about her and already protective of her, sight unseen, but she has Geoffery the cat looking out for her...just hanging out there over her isolette...

Geoffery and all the angels.

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