Monday, August 12, 2013

Putting it all in Perspective

Some of you have been asking to see pictures of baby Hazel.  And it is not that we are trying to hide her from the world, nor that she has some sort of deformity that we are keeping under wraps,

it is more that we are not sure that people will understand.  We do not want the beauty that is our Hazel Grace to be obscured by a photo that is misunderstood.

In talking to people, and actually in some cases, it doesn't seem to matter if they have seen a picture of our precious gift or not, I have realized that most people have no idea the size and form of a 24 week gestational baby.

For which I do not blame anyone.

A baby of this size should be hidden deep within to be knit in the private recesses of a mother's womb, safe under her heart.

But our little Hazel could not wait to meet the world, so meet the world she did.

And I want to help you all gain a little perspective on her.  I feel that through my writing, you have all been able to gain a little insight in the her that is her but not so much in the design of her.

Make sense?

So, let me help you.


is not our Hazel Grace.  This is a pretty close to newborn full term baby.


is not our Hazel Grace.  This baby was born at almost 36 weeks gestation.


is getting closer, but this is not our Hazel Grace.  This baby was born at 29 weeks.

And this...
Well, this isn't our Hazel Grace, but this is a baby that was born at 24 weeks, just like her.

To put a size on it all, here's another picture of the same baby...

Tiny.  Beautiful, but tiny.

Hazel Grace's diapers are the size of a deck of playing cards...and they are way too big for her.  The mask that covers her nose to help her breathe?  The size of the tip of your pinky finger.

Hold out your hand, palm up.  Hazel Grace would fit in your hand with the back of her head on the end of your middle finger and her feet resting comfortably on your wrist.


But strong.

She is doing well today.  She is still on the ventilator, but she is doing well.

And I will put up pictures of our actual Hazel Grace soon.

Soon, but not yet.

My heart can't handle it yet.

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  1. Your baby. Your pictures. Your choice.
    She's beautiful in God's eyes and yours.