Wednesday, April 27, 2011

360 Degree Yard Tour

So, I was going to link up to a blog that  I ran across it on Pumpkin Pie Painter and it looked like so much fun but it was closed.  I decided to use the idea anyway.

The idea was to take an area of your house or yard and taking 360 degrees of photos.

So, here goes!

I am starting facing the house on the left side and spinning around the yard leaving out the non-garden parts.

This is our pea/bean garden with the notorious teepee trellis that my mother-in-law and I made.  (That's Little Boy nosing his way through the garden and into my picture!)

Next, omitting pictures of our driveway with the Blue Beast sitting in it, we circle around to the front of the yard along the front fence.  There are our 3 blueberry bushes.  You can see that one is already setting fruit, while another has flowers.  The last is still just green.  I am a little surprised that they are doing so well because 2 of them were transplants that my father-in-law moved, and let's just say that he doesn't always worry too much about taking the roots along with the plants.

Then, on the other side of the sidewalk and omitting our sagging gate, you can see our newest addition, our potato garden, which just got planted yesterday in the morning.  Gabriel and I worked very hard on that one.  We are lacking mulch and edging, but at least the taters are in the ground!

Keep spinning to the left and you can see our 2 grapes vines that just went in last week.  They also seems to be getting ready to set fruit, which I find fascinating.  I wasn't expecting anything until at least next year!

Another turn to the left brings into view our tomato/pepper garden.  The turtle was my hubby's addition, and all that is left is to plant the marigolds along the front edge close to the tomatoes.  Marigolds are supposed to be good at helping keep pests off the plants, or so I have heard, and I am partial to them anyway because I remember planting them and then collecting the seeds off them every year with my grandmother when I was little.  My mother-in-law does not agree with this.  In her country, El Salvador, marigolds are only used in cemeteries and for dead people, so she is not too keen on them.  She calls them 'sin buche' or 'without neck'...strangled, perhaps?  I am not sure for the reasoning behind that...

Oh, but she did stick some potatoes in the front corner, but they were just potatoes that she got at the store and they sprouted before she could eat them.  Supposedly the potatoes at the store like that are treated so they won't have many tubers.  I guess we'll see.  We can compare them to the ones that Gabe and I planted in the front that were real seed potatoes.  I'll let you know. 

Another turn takes us to Georgie, who was hard at work weeding the beds but had to take a break.  (This red table was another one of my failed projects.  I found it in someone's trash last year, and I thought that it would be great for the kids to paint however they wanted to and then they could use it outside or on the porch for their lunches or crafts or whatever they wanted to.  But it turned out that I was much more excited about the project than they were, and I never had the time to do it, so...need I say more?)

Little boy again on the front stoop...

Taking a detour out to the sidewalk...check this guy out!  Tomatoes in no time!  My mother-in-law said that tomatoes won't grow in pots and I said they will, so we got 2 cherry tomato plants and put one in the ground for insurance and the other in the pot for proof.  It didn't grow last year because I put it in a terra cotta pot and then she left for 3 months so between working full time and having the baby and the toddler at home with us while we worked, watering went by the wayside.  This time, though, she's staying here all summer and I put it in a plastic pot to retain the water, so I think we will have much better luck.

And that's pretty much it! 

Thank you for joining me on a tour of my gardens!


  1. Ooo, how nice!! You have lots of fun stuff planted in your garden! What a shame you missed the link. I think it closed a little earlier today. It was fun for me anyhow! :)

  2. (It was fun for me to see your yard, is what I meant. :) )

  3. Well, when I looked at the other links on that linky party I realized that I am not quite up to their uhhh...shall we say...level anyway, in neither my gardens, my yard, nor my photography skills, so it's probably just as well. Yours was so fun to see, though!