Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday: If you met me...

I'm linking up to Five Minute Friday again.  I had such fun last time, that I thought I would give it a whirl again.

The rules?  Write for 5 minutes without stopping or editing...just let it flow.

The topic?  If you met me...



If you had met me before, you probably would have said that I looked too young to be a mom of a teenager.  I probably would have answered you, 'You're right.  I am.'  I mean, what else am I really going to say?  Uh, no I'm not...

If you met me now, however, you probably would not say that anymore.  Two more kids added to the mix can do that to you, right?

If you met me, I would hope to not talk too much and listen more than I talk, but I can't guarantee that.  I always seem to talk too much and then wish I hadn't later.  I'm working on it, though.

If you met me, you would probably be surprised at my (very) dirty-blond haired green eyed self spouting out commands and requests to my children in fluent Spanish, and you would probably ask where I learned it.  I would say that I love languages and that I have traveled and that my husband is Latino.  As if that matters, though, right?  How many of us are married to people who are from here or there and don't speak their language? 

If you met me, I am sure that I would tell you about my kids and how awesome they are and how proud I am of them.  I would ask you about yours and if you are a homeschooler, I would love to ask you so many questions.

If you met me, you would probably find me a little odd and quirky...but that's just the way I like it, and I would hope that you would, too!

Whew!  Times up!  Let's see what fell out of my brain this time!

Here's the link if you'd like to join in!


  1. Hi. I'm Julie. I came over from Gypsy Mama. I think I would like you if I met you. :-) I'm also a homeschooler (sort of) and I have a Hispanic daughter, although I don't speak Spanish. Neither does my daughter, since it brings back tough memories for her. And I definitely don't look too young to be the mom of a teenager. (I look to old to have a 7 year old).

  2. Well now I'm interested in reading more about you :) I am the mother of a teenager, and because I had her when I was 19 I often hear "You are too young to be the mother of a teenager!" My reply is always "I AM too young! I had her when I was a teenager myself!"

    We homeschool too. And I talk too much and always leave conversations wishing I'd listened more. I get that. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm going to follow yours so I can read more.

  3. Hmmm...I'm thinking about trying this 5 minute Friday thing next week. Have you ever thought about learning another language?? I am so intrigued by people who know many languages....I want to learn more too!!

  4. Quelques mots de français... Moi, moi, je t'ai rencontrée ! Il y a plusieurs années maintenant, et c'est toujours une véritable joie de te lire. C'est surtout un flot d'énergie, de patience et de respect que j'entends quand tu parles. Alors on ne peut pas dire que tu parles de trop...
    Warmest regards from France.

  5. Hmmmm....Me pregunto si sus suegros hablan español en casa. ¿Responden sus niños en español? Yo también hablo español. ;)

  6. To Barefoot, you should definitely join me in Five Min Fridays! They are so much fun!
    To my friend in France, thank you for your kind words...I hope that everyone that I meet feels the same way about my ramblings! I love it that you can follow our life here, but I haven't heard an update from you in a while!
    To Farmer Files, yes, my in-laws speak Spanish at home...they do not speak English much at all! Our oldest will answer them in Spanish, but the middle will answer mostly in English with Spanish words mixed in for emphasis and the little guy doesn't say much yet at all! Our philosophy is to not push the languages on the kids. They understand and have the basics and can fill in the gaps when they are ready. Otherwise, it becomes a power struggle, or so it has been in our experience. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  7. oh I skipped this Five Minute Friday, pero yo tambien ablo espanol, and I wished I had read this earlier. I'm latina. Glad to see that you've learned it for your family.