Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beans, Beans, the Horrible Fruit...

Spring has sprung the grass has ris'
I wonder where them flowers is

The flowers in the ground are stuck
I wonder should we pluck them up!

I think of this little ditty every spring when things are just starting to get green.  My mom used to recite it to me when we used to walk to school together in the early spring.

(The title of the blog is another rhyme we used to you all know that one?)

Anyway, gardening is in full swing around here.  I know that I am supposed to draw plans and keep notes and all, but I haven't done that yet.  If I have a few minutes to either plant my stuff or to make notes, I chose to plant.  I will probably be kicking myself later...

Early Sunday evening, my mother-in-law and I had an impromptu planting session.

Yes, she is using a post hole digger to plant small seedlings.  We cannot for the life of us find the long handled shovel.  How do you lose a whole 5 foot shovel with a red handle?  I have no idea, but somehow, we managed to do it.  What can I say?  We're talented at those kinds of things.

 This one needs a little more dirt around it, but you can see our newspaper pots beginning to be composted!

So this is how it turned out.  At the base of 3 of the ummm....sticks are peas and at the base of the 4th stick is a bean plant.  In the front are 2 jalapeno plants (those are Gramma Uita' spicy stuff for me, thank you very much!) and in the empty space in the back is a lonely squash plant.  Our 'trellis' is tied together at the top with an empty mandarin orange bag.  But honestly, I do think it will look really cool when it is covered in peas.  I'll keep you posted.  I actually do not like peas.  The kids love peas and Jimmy will eat them, too, so I planted them.  Whenever I cook them, I make just enough and then put them on everyone's plates and somehow there just is never enough for me, too, and I just have to sacrifice and eat carrots or a salad or something.  Elizabeth has caught on, though, and will often offer me hers to share.  I politely decline and let the poor child eat all her peas by herself.  Oh, the sacrifices one must make as a mother! :-)

(I know that the sticks look a little rough, but let me tell you, they had the possibility of being much rougher.   Those were some branches off of a wild and crazy bush-tree thing that grows in the corner of our property, and it they were all twiggy and a little out of control.  Gramma wanted to leave them that all of their hairy glory, but after looking across at all the neighbors neatly pruned, trimmed and edged lawns, I figured that perhaps we could take a few of the more branchy branches off and just leave a few larger branches on to tame things up again.  Not that I am trying to compete with the Joneses, nor do I really care what other people think, but it is out of respect for the fact that my neighbors and any company they may ever have has to look at our jungle all the time, and I do believe that in the city, there needs to be a respectable limit to our strangeness.)

We also got our 2 blueberries from last year transplanted and the new one that I just got planted in a row of 3 along the front.  Here it is with a few flowers on it already.  We obviously are in desperate need of mulch!

 The other garden on the other side of the porch, which is all we have used in past years, (the stick garden is all new this year) is laid out with tomatoes, green bell peppers, a bush cucumber and a random spare bean plant.

Those got planted today.  Well, some of them did but then Gabriel tried to help a little too much and it got out of hand.  Maybe the rest can get in tomorrow. 

Gabriel also helped Buelo get the grapes planted today.  I have never grown grapes, but Gramma wanted to try them, and so did I, so we put in 2 vines and we'll see what happens.
Gabriel is just so helpful!

Georgie didn't really do much of anything.

Jo got in some play time with the neighbor girl, Sarelly, (I know, it's a horrible picture.  I think the phone rang...)

And then Gabriel sailed away.  When I asked him why he was leaving and where he was going, he called out over his shoulder...

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

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